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Manufacturing tools such as fashion software are essential to maintain competitiveness in the market. These solutions are programmed to help companies and individuals achieve the goals they have set for themselves by optimizing their production processes.

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What is online fashion software? 


Fashion software is a practical tool for designing clothing of all kinds. It is an automated application designed to facilitate the design and production process. 

How does it work?

Thanks to this type of computerized tool, it is no longer necessary to draw by hand. This solution allows the designer to crete their designs on the computer. It offers product models (dresses, suits, fabrics...) so that designers can choose the assortments that inspire them. Prototypes can be modified with simple and quick clicks. Various colors are presented by the software to give an idea to the creator. The same is true for mobile mannequins, the aim being to get an idea of what the model can look like once it is finished and worn by a person. 

What are the main features of SaaS fashion software?  

3D design can be difficult and tedious. With creative software, tasks are simplified thanks to features such as :

Drawing tools

In general, tools of this kind offer accessories for drawing all kinds of creations. Brushes, pencils, colours... everything is there. The designer will only have to choose the right instrument. It is also possible to draw mannequins and dress them to get a realistic overview of the designed clothes. These models are automatically saved in the database and can be used at will.  

Pattern making tools 

One of the most difficult tasks of creators is to make patterns to avoid mistakes in the realization of models. Drawing sewing patterns can be done easily using fashion software. The user will have all the necessary tools to comply with the measurements and avoid the small problems encountered when making paper templates. Once completed, they can be printed in the desired format. 

Collection management 

A fashion software greatly facilitates the management of creations for sale or in progress. It allows you to import the drawings and store them in the desired collection. It is possible to immediately create the skins in the folder of your choice to avoid transferring it when finished. 

Who uses online fashion software? 

As it is a drawing software, the tool can be used by anyone looking for a computerized solution that can help them with their design projects. These applications make it possible to perfect ideas through photorealistic rendering. Clothing designers, fashion design students, sewing workshop and all those involved in fashion professions can use these software and benefit from 3d modeling.     

Why use online fashion software?


  • It makes tasks easier, and therefore productivity more assured 
  • It allows you to perfect your creations 
  • Information sharing between stylists and designers is done quickly
  • Fashion software allows you to add pre-existing patterns to customize your creations. 
  • The tool offers virtual mannequins to test the rendering of the fabrics to be created. 


  • The feastures of free software can be limited, therefore a paid software may be required.

How to choose an online fashion software? 

Computer-aided design is an interesting solution with the right tools. This is why it is important to take into account the following criteria when choosing the right software:

  • Execution time: with this type of software, it is important that the modules have a fast reaction speed to display the result of the creation, what needs to be modified or adjusted. 
  • The purpose of the model: before choosing the software to use, it is important to determine the company's needs, in order to know which modules should offer the solution. 
  • The price: few fashion software are free. It is mainly professional software, dedicated to large sewing companies. Nevertheless, some cheaper CAD software offers interesting modules for new designers. The ideal is to choose a program that can meet the user's expectations.

The best free and open source fashion software

  • Valentina
  • Inkscape
  • AutoCAD

The most famous professional fashion software  

For beginners 

  • Optitex
  • Prostyle
  • Illustrator
  • Styleway +

For professionals

  • Modaris
  • C-Design fashion
  • Fashion CAD
  • Patternshop

Fashion and production tools allow you to bring your creative ideas to life in the most practical way possible. They are essential for clothing manufacturers who want to create their models quickly.

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