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Manufacturing Software systems address needs such as platform management and industrial processes. Appvizer allows you to create comparisons of online software to make the right choice.

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Our selection of 3 manufacturing software

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Boost your manufacturing process with cutting-edge MES software. Streamline operations, reduce errors and boost efficiency.

Suites MES & SCP software helps you manage production processes, track inventory levels and automate workflows. With real-time data and analytics, you can make informed decisions and optimise your manufacturing operations.

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Transform Your Data + Easily create stunning visualisations with our data visualization software.

With our software, you can seamlessly transform complex data into clear, concise visualisations that are easy to understand. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to choose from a variety of chart types and customise your visuals to meet your specific needs.

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Connection to business tools & Real-time synchronization

Full Customization of wallboards

Display management

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Streamline manufacturing processes with this MES software. Monitor production, manage inventory, and enhance quality control.

This software enables real-time tracking of production data, including machine performance and operator efficiency. Generate reports and analytics to optimize production and reduce downtime.

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Manufacturing software: purchase guide

What is Online Manufacturing Software?


Manufacturing software is a tool specifically developed to automate processes in ERP, regardless of industry. The purpose of these programs is to help manufacturing companies better plan their production processes with the possibility of monitoring their weekly tasks in real time. The use of such a software optimizes the industrial management, accentuates the efficiency of the employees and the quality of the products.

How does it work?

In general, the software provides the user with the implementation of various tools to manage the entire production cycle from modeling to product design, including simple schematics, mechanical schematics and electrical schematics.

In practice, the software includes automated components designed to carry out these various tasks. It can be a factor for calculation, planning or quality control. In any case, the tool facilitates functions related to industrial processes.

What are the Main Features of a SaaS Manufacturing Software?

Manufacturing software provides various features that differ from one tool to another. Nevertheless, there are some components that need to be integrated into these tools for better management of production.

Supply Management

This feature allows the user to manage the company's supply. It is designed to determine the opportune moment to buy materials useful for manufacturing. In parallel, the tool proposes a calculation of needs. This is an important function to fulfill customer orders. The goal is to minimize costs while maximizing productivity.

Production Monitoring 

In manufacturing, work needs to be closely monitored to avoid mistakes that may be detrimental to the business. To ensure this, the manufacturing software helps the manager optimize the production steps, by assisting on the production control and ensuring the traceability of the latter.

The Simulation 

To ensure the success of the products, it is necessary to make a simulation. Using manufacturing software, technicians can simulate different scenarios to easily detect anomalies and quickly find a solution. This feature also allows them to improve product quality.

Who Uses Manufacturing Software?

It is an all-in-one tool that integrates design software, modeling software, and industrial design software. Manufacturing software is therefore designed to enable manufacturing companies to benefit from better management of production. Some tools are particularly aimed at constructors, given that their resources are presented as CAD software, useful for producing high quality products.

Why Use Manufacturing Software in a Company?


  • Avoids manufacturing errors
  • Significantly reduces manufacturing costs
  • Improves communication between the company, subcontractors, employees and customers
  • Helps control manufacturing delays
  • Optimizes production monitoring
  • Saves time while increasing productivity 
  • Helps to anticipate purchases


  • Very limited free software services 

How to Choose an Online Manufacturing Service

To choose the right manufacturing computer tool, the following three points must be taken into account:

Other software used: It is necessary to make an inventory of software used for industrial production and to check their compatibility with the desired manufacturing software. The exchange of information and the compatibility of the solutions is essential.

The project: Each company has its own projects, but the tool to use depends closely on the objectives to be achieved. To choose the right software, it is necessary to determine the needs of the business in advance and the potential concerns such as the complexity of the designs. It is these details that will allow the supplier to define the element that are essential to the business.

The cost: The price of a software is not limited to the license. We must also think about the cost of maintenance to take advantage of updates. It is also the same for training. In some cases, it is necessary to train the team, which may require a separate budget. The idea is to choose a simple tool for an affordable price and maximum efficiency.

The Best Free and Open Source Manufacturing Software 

  • Open-Prod
  • MiCôSystème
  • FreeCAD

The Most Popular Manufacturing Software 

For SMEs

  • Pro-face
  • Clipper
  • TopSolid
  • PERI

For TPE 

  • Herakles 
  • Divalto infinity Production
  • Exact industrie
  • Solutions Sage

In manufacturing, a production tool is essential. It allows you to closely monitor the production flow, the inventory management, the drawings to be made and allows you to follow the state of production as closely as possible.