Advalo: Predictive marketing platform for retailers

Advalo is a predictive marketing platform for retailers and the auto industry. Our platform helps marketers gain immediate and sustainable traffic and turnover in stores. We are working with large groups such as Volkswagen, Eram, and brands such as BUT, Degrenne and Grain de Malice. We have helped them generate 2-4 % incremental revenue within 12 months of installation.

Nowadays, retailers need to move away from mass marketing campaigns that convert below 1% and move towards individualized marketing that will enable them to understand each and every customer. Retailers using our platform will be able to address these issues. 

Advalo is based on 3 unique key differentiators :

-First, the ability to provide a global and consistent view of customers by consolidating online behavioral data with offline transactional data : reconciling in store transactions and online data coming from behavioral onsite navigation, Advalo provides a real omnichannel view of the customer journey.

-The second key differentiator is our capability to deliver over 40 predictive models, so marketers know precisely on a daily basis, who their best value customers are or, which customers are presenting strong purchase intention but have not yet converted, or customers who are most likely to churn.

-The third differentiator is our ability to personalize relationships between brands and consumers, on all touchpoints. Sending accurate audiences to all the best tools of the marketing ecosystem such as online personalization systems, Google, Facebook, email systems etc., Advalo allows retailers to communicate in an individualized way, on every channel during the purchase journey. 

Our clients testify:

“In just a few months Advalo’s platform allowed us to initiate a very substantial additional turnover and proved that we will have highly performing campaigns. Most importantly, their unique process has been profitable since it’s initiation! Advalo’s teams are very responsive and they gradually accommodated us in the construction of an individualized and seamless customer experience on all points of contact. While omnichannel is at the heart of our digital strategy, Advalo allows us to better understand the buying experience of our customers between the web and the store and act in a sustainable manner to generate traffic”

Laurent Bacquaert, CRM Manager at Grain de Malice

“Finally figuring out the impact of the web on store sales was a major issue for management”

Audrey Raimond, CRM Communication Manager BUT

Editor: Advalo

Strengths of Advalo

  • Consolidating online behavioral data with offline data
  • Capability to deliver over 40 predictive models
  • Sending accurate audiences to all marketing tools

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Behavioral Analysis
Connection to Live Data Sources
Data Deduplication
Data Import/Export
Data Source Blending
Drill Down
Recommendation & Decisions
Data Asset Management
Audience Segmentation
Audience targeting (Lookalike)
Cross-Device Data Management
Customer Journey Recording
Data Collection
Data Reconciliation
Omni-Channel Delivery
Marketing Automation
Campaigns Management
Identification of Users/Companies Identifying the user's name and contact based on IP, cookies, or finger printing techniques
Population Targeting Segmentation & profiling
User IP tracking Identification and qualification of companies that visit your website using their IP address and cookie
Sales Force Automation
Lead Management Managing prospective customers from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships.
Lead Scoring Prospect qualification
Segments / Populations Possibility to group contacts by type

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