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Presentation of the solution

Uppler is the leading B2B Marketplace solution and B2B e-commerce platform.

We offer an all-in-one solution, or connected by API to create a marketplace equipped with the most advanced features of B2B e-commerce.

Many large accounts around the world use our solution, such as Renault-Nissan or the Rungis Market.

Strengths of our solution

Uppler's value proposition is based on 3 pillars:

  • The specialization on B2B ecommerce: In contact with major manufacturers, we have developed the most comprehensive range of B2B functionalities on the market, whether it concerns catalog management, order workflow or payment terms.
  • The ease of implementation: In its "all-in-one" version, Uppler allows you to start a project in record time and for an initialization cost of almost zero. Our solution with a front-office buyer, a back-office vendor, a back-office operator, and software PIM (Product Information Management), you will need no external brick and no integrator to start your project
  • Customization: Rich with more than 100 modules, and potentially enriched with a specific module, the Uppler marketplace solution allows you to create a tailor-made marketplace meeting the most sophisticated workflows and functional requirements.

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Strengths of Uppler

Uppler demo and screenshots

Connectez toutes les briques externes à votre marketplace: ERP, prestataire de paiement, templates e-commerce... Démarrez votre projet plus rapidement et rationnalisez vos coûts avec notre solution tout en un Bénéficiez de l'éventail de fonctionnalités B2B le plus complet du marché

Uppler customers

https://rungismarket.com https://accessorystore.renault.com/ https://marketplace-frenchcellar.com

Uppler pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Solution marketplace B2B
Site ecommerce B2B
E-procurement 2.0
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Activity Monitoring
Data Import/Export
Interactive Dashboard
Billing & Invoicing
Asset Management
Automatic VAT Management
Credit Card Payments and Direct Debits
Delivery Note
Dispute Management
International SEPA Payment
Invoice ID Management
Management of Outstanding Payments
Multi-currency Management Multiple currencies (euro, dollar, pound, etc.)
Multiple VAT Rates
Purchase Order
Recurrent Billing
Reverse Charging VAT
Subscription Management
Upgrading to a Higher or Lower Subscription Level
Abandoned Cart Management
Carrier Label
European Article Number (EAN)
Faceted Search & Browsing
Integration with Marketplaces
Online Payment
Parcel Post Tracking
Price Comparison
Product Categories Management
Product Life Cycle Management
Product Protection
Product Stream
Product Suggestion
Promotion Management
Sales Tracking
Shipping Cost Estimation
Shipping Cost Management
Shopping Cart
Store Management
Taxes Management
Catalogue / Price Book
Goods / Items Management
Incoming Quotes Management
Inventory Management
Linking Purchases to Project
Product Datasheet
Purchasing Follow-up
Supplier Invoice Management
Supplier Order Management
Suppliers Management
Product Information Management
Automated Data Export / Import API, Webservices, Flat files
Built-In PDF Product Datasheet Generation
Categories Management, Groups, Subgroups, Product Custom Product Variations
Data Import and Centralization Product repository
Export of Multi-Format Product Flows XLS,CSV,XML
Multi-Channel and Multilingual Versions
Multi-Version, Inheritances & Contextualization of Product Data per Channel

Data hosted in the following countries: France, United States of America (USA)

The Role of Service Marketplaces in the Post Covid-19 World
This period of reflection and change constitutes a decisive and timely opportunity for marketplaces who now need to adapt to a post covid-19 era, in which the broad digitalisation of services and product offerings is becoming urgent.

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