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Conversocial is software that enables customer service in Facebook and Twitter. With complete visibility and prioritisation, no issues need be missed. Teams work together on social communication through Conversocial's collaborative platform, with all essential tools in one place. Complete security, audit, and control bring accountability to social channels.

Transform your customer service with the power of social messaging using a platform specifically designed for the needs of digital customer service teams.

Designed for a Specific Purpose

Designed from the ground up to transform asynchronous messaging into the most efficient customer service channel.

Omnichannel Solution

Continuous channel innovation. Innovation partners such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and more to stay at the forefront.

Social Messaging Specialists

Our team's in-depth expertise in social messaging transforms brands into customer service heroes.

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Conversocial software was developed in the United States by the company Conversocial. Conversocial is an online reputation management software. Acquired by many users who gave it a score of 5/5, Conversocial's rate is $149.00/month/user.

What Are the Advantages of Conversocial?

Maintenance work is also included. On a daily basis, Conversocial provides updating so that you can get the most out of this reputation management solution. The software as a service feature of Conversocial adapts to all types of operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), all you need is an Internet connection for Support features (phone, email, ticket, chat), saas mode and Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos) necessary for Reputation Management. Users are also available within Conversocial allowing it to be a must-have. Storing is no longer a necessity, since it is via Conversocial that all the information of your program will be stored. A good way to simplify daily tasks!

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