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Presentation of Cocolyze

Cocolyze makes SEO easy.
Be found on the web. Easily. 

Why choose to use Cocolyze? 

1. Get up-to-date keyword rankings

The Cocolyze robots gets real rank insights in more than 65 languages over 45,000 different locations on Google and Google mobile. 

2. Discover your competitors’ position in the SERP

Find out what competitors are ranking on the same keywords as you and identify their current position in the search engine results page. 

3. Discover what is impacting your SEO rankings 

We analyze all SEO factors that could affect your SEO ranking such as backlinks, content keywords, CSS styles, javascript, page loading times, server connection…

4. Prioritize your SEO tasks efficiently and effectively 

In order to help you organize your workload we provide you with red-flagged alerts to show you what tasks need to be done first for optimal optimization. 

Advantages of Cocolyze

  • Estimated traffic & rank value metrics for keywords
  • Main SEO issues found in less than 15 minutes
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List of the available languages: English, French
SERP analysis of your keyword
SERP analysis of your keyword
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On demand

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Backlinks Analysis
Competitors’ Organic Positions
Mobile SEO Analysis vs. Desktop
Position Tracking
SEO Issue Identification
SERP History

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