Lockpath: GRC Solution for Risk and Compliance

This solution uses the NAVEX One, ethics & compliance platform in order to guarantee users the platform’s contribution to companies best practices and risk management by an easy to use cloud system with accessible secure information.

A Single GRC Solution for Risk and Compliance

Lockpath offers 3 main products :

-Business Continuity Management: Makes the unpredictable predictable, with their risk identification solutions as well as their continuous monitoring programs and reports on performance

-Privacy, Risks & Compliance: Through this solution, Lockpath ensures costumers safe management of their companies privacy policies, in order to keep up with the never-ending regulations.

-Third-Party Risk Management: through their platform, NAVEX Global, Lockpath provides users with the necessary tools for implementing customized regulations to their third parties, as well as receiving real-time insights on their outsource in order to maintain security standards.

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