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Hector is a web-based Asset Iventory Management and IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool that allows you to monitor and manage your network assets from the planning phase to the phase out though the product life cycle.

Hector is an asset management application to build custom asset inventories based on real business needs, our software is born out of a need to have better control over them. 

Indeed, most applications perform only network scans, automated solutions that retrieve all information, without distinction for relevant information or not. 
Hector allows companies that use it to build a bespoke list of assets to gain greater control over their inventory. 

The application allows, among other things, the management of equipment loans, the management of software licenses and the monitoring of asset depreciation.

From the information contained in the application, it is possible to generate reports that meet the needs of companies in terms of accounting.

Pay only for the number of assets registered in the system.

Hector is the guardian of your business assets.

Hector provides you with a variety of ways to discover all the assets in your network. 

You can manage all your company assets, always have software license compliance, ensure traceability, generate reports and more !

Hector installs easily and its implementation is fast. Also, unlike a lot of inventory management software, you only pay for the assets that you follow.

Hector has 3 several pricing plans - Shield USD 8.75 (Per Month) is up to 130 assets tracked, Armor USD 0.063 / asset (Per Month), Vault USD 0.058 / asset (Per Month) and so on. 

The more you have assets, the less you pay !

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US$8.75 /month
US$0.08 /month
US$0.07 /month

Jusqu'à 130 actifs

/actifs - de 131 à 999 actifs

/assets de 1 000 à 2500


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Input/Output Management Input and output
Inter-stock Transfer
Minimum and Maximum Stocks
Out-of-Stock Alert
Product Location Management
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Remote Stock Management

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