Redmine: Free Open Source project management software

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What is Redmine?

Redmine is a web-based project management software, which is very popular amongst developers because it offers a highly adjustable interface and remains free in all circumstances.

Redmine is extremely adjustable which means that it can be easily adapted to your projects. You can create as many fields as you wish on tickets (action requests) in order to group and filter them quickly. You can also create versions of your product or services in order to track their development. 

Main Features of Redmine

  • Unlimited amount of users and secure login with a password.

  • Overview of all current projects.

  • Roadmap of all future developments.

  • Adjustable list of requests: you can sort, filter, and group requests

  • Gantt charts, burndown charts, and a calendar.

  • Centralised and easily accessible knowledge.

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Strengths of Redmine

Redmine demo and screenshots

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Other features of Redmine

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Redmine pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Open Source


Progress chart
Project Management
Assessment of Tasks to Be Completed
Demand Management
Macroplanning & Reverse planning
Priority Management
Project Duplication
Project Report
Projects Overview / Follow Up
Recurring Tasks
Resource Allocation
Resource Management Human Resources management
Task Planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project


Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Alternatives to Redmine

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