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What is Freshsales?

Freshsales is a CRM software that carries out many diverse and relevant actions for companies wishing to expand. First of all, Freshsales allows you to monitor your e-mails, which allows you to see in real-time when e-mails are opened, but also how often they are opened. It is also possible to carry out sales campaigns in an optimised manner. 

Features of Freshsales

  • Enables personalised event tracking using detailed customer data.
  • Identifies the interactions with the product that have generated the most interest in order to prepare relevant conversations with prospects.
  • Performs segmentation by customer behaviour.
  • Gives full visibility on contracts for each stage of the sale.
  • Helps you to visualise the contracts to be targeted each day.
  • Allows you to anticipate the activities expected over the coming months.
  • Enables the creation or modification of customised reports on prospects and contacts.

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Strengths of Freshsales

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Freshsales pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

€12 /month /user
€25 /month /user
€49 /month /user
€79 /month /user


Dashboard & Reports
Application Settings
Multiple Currencies Management Ability to manage multiple currencies
Calendar Syncing
Notifications Email, sms, or pop-up window that alerts you of an action
SMS Short Message System
Web Mail (Email Management) Sending and receiving emails
Integration with Marketplaces
Marketing Automation
Email Templates
Email Tracking
Emails Scheduling
Mass Email
Sales Force Automation
Calls Management On-screen display of information related to an incoming call
Contact Management Editing and follow-up of contacts for a given company
Lead Management Managing prospective customers from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships.
Sales Process and Pipeline Customer life cycle management
Call Tracking
Call Transfer

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