Oplead CRM: in summary

Oplead CRM: a contact and business management solution

Managing and tracking your contacts is a priority for any company that wants to maintain a close relationship with its customers and prospects. Oplead CRM offers you a simple and complete solution.

With our solution you can access your contacts information with just a few clicks: address, history, qualifications, targeting etc.

Moreover you will be able to have precise vision on the opportunities associated with your contacts and carry out commercial actions using our system of notifications.

A 100% mobile CRM

Oplead CRM offers you a mobile version which concentrates all the essential features to follow your contacts while on the go.

With just a few swipes on your smartphone you will have access to all your information and be able to carry out commercial actions in any situation.

Oplead CRM - contact Follow
Oplead CRM - contact Follow
Oplead CRM - contact Follow
Oplead CRM - Business management
Oplead CRM - Mobile CRM Oplead

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