Zendesk: in summary

Zendesk offers a suite of tools for customer service, including a ticket management system, a self-service customer portal, live chat, call center software, and integrations with other tools such as social media and email. The software is designed to improve customer experience by providing a centralized location for customer support, streamlining communication, and providing data and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions. Additionally, it offers customization options and a flexible API to meet the specific needs of each business.

Zendesk is for businesses of all sizes that need a customer service solution to manage and organize customer interactions and support tickets. This can include customer support teams, customer service departments, and businesses that provide direct customer support through multiple channels such as email, phone, chat, and social media. The software is flexible and scalable, making it suitable for small businesses, mid-sized enterprises, and large corporations.

Its benefits

Customer service centralized and communication streamlined

Efficiency: helps companies arrange consumer interactions

Data-driven decision making: helps with data and analytics


Its disadvantages

Steep learning curve

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Appvizer's opinion

Zendesk is well-liked by us for its versatility, easy-to-use interface, and powerful features for customer support and service management. The Agent Workspace is particularly praised for its integrated email and chat dashboard, automated responses, and Answer Bot resolutions, which helps prioritize tickets and respond efficiently to customer inquiries. Additionally, we think that Zendesk's Help Center has powerful features, as well as its ability to be combined with custom themes.

It has gotten a lot of praise over the last few years due to its easy-to-use UI - it offers a lot of different customization choices, and it can easily integrate with other applications. So the praise is well deserved!

Additionally, because of its adaptability, it may be utilized in a variety of teams, including sales, marketing, and customer support, among others. It is common knowledge that Zendesk is a helpful tool for companies who want to increase the efficiency of their customer support procedures - we can definitely confirm that.

Zendesk - Zendesk: Dashboard Customer Support, Communication History, Ticket Management
Zendesk - Zendesk: Dashboard Customer Support, Communication History, Ticket Management
Zendesk - Zendesk: Dashboard Customer Support, Communication History, Ticket Management
Zendesk - Zendesk: standardized Letters, Help Desk, Multi-oragnisations
Zendesk - Zendesk: Mapping the domain name, customer profile, Case Management

Zendesk: its rates

Zendesk offers three pricing plans - Suite Team, Suite Growth, and Suite Professional. Each plan offers an industry-leading ticketing system and support through messaging, email, voice, SMS, and live chat.

The plans differ in terms of features such as the number of help centers, AI-powered automated answers, data storage, reporting and analytics, APIs, and light access licenses. 

The most advanced plan, Suite Professional, includes additional features such as SLA management, multilingual support, and customizable dashboards. All plans come with onboarding and adoption guidance, online support from the Zendesk team, and access to 1,000+ apps and integrations. The plans are billed annually per agent per month.

They also offer a free trial for potential customers to test their service before committing to a plan.

Suite Team
/month /user
Suite Growth
/month /user
Suite Professional
/month /user

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Zendesk: the complete test

To give you a full overview of the software, we’ve prepared a summary of the three main features you’ll be using. Here’s how they can benefit you!

Industry-leading ticketing system

The full customer service platform offered by Zendesk, which includes the industry-leading ticketing system, is meant to streamline the process of providing help to businesses. It offers a centralized platform for the management of client requests, queries, and comments via a variety of channels including email, live chat, phone, social media, and other platforms.

The ticketing system prioritizes and organizes the requests made by customers, assigns them to the appropriate agents, and tracks the progress made toward resolving the issue until it is resolved. This enables organizations to respond more effectively to the demands of their customers, thereby boosting agent productivity and improving overall customer happiness.

In addition, the ticketing system provides capabilities such as automation processes, reporting and analytics, and interfaces with tools and apps from third-party developers. Businesses have the ability to centralize all customer support requests and manage them in an efficient manner by utilizing Zendesk's industry-leading ticketing system.

Multi-channel support (Email, voice, SMS, web, mobile, and social)

Zendesk provides multi-channel support, allowing customers to reach out to a business through multiple channels such as: email, SMS, web, mobile, social media. 

This feature helps businesses provide a seamless and consistent customer experience, regardless of the channel used by the customer. With this capability, businesses can ensure that all customer inquiries are captured and responded to in a timely manner. Multi-channel support also allows businesses to better understand the needs of their customers and deliver the right support through the right channel. 

By offering multiple communication options, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and build stronger customer relationships.

AI-powered automated answers and knowledge management

AI-powered automated answers and knowledge management are key features of Zendesk that help streamline and improve customer support. With automated answers, Zendesk uses artificial intelligence to analyze and respond to customer inquiries in real-time, providing quick and accurate answers to common questions. 

This allows agents to focus on more complex issues while freeing up time to work on other tasks. Knowledge management allows organizations to store and manage their support information in one central location, making it easily accessible to customers and support agents. 

This improves efficiency, reduces response times and ensures that customers receive consistent and accurate information. With AI-powered knowledge management, Zendesk also provides suggestions for relevant articles and responses based on the customer's query, making it easier for agents to find the information they need.

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