Eurécia Congés & Absences: Spend 50% less time on leave management

More information about the Staff leave and absences calendar software

A solution adapted to all types of structures

You manage between 20 and 5000 employees within an SME or subsidiary of a large corporation. You are looking to improve and optimize the administrative management of your employees and teams. You want to easily structure, simplify and automate your HR processes.

In just a few days, Eurécia's Staff leave and absences management solution will streamline and improve the reliability of your processes for allocating, tracking and managing staff leave and absences, from staff leave requests themselves through to the exporting of staff leave data to payroll. This solution also automatically updates your staff leave calendar and, if necessary, calculates the number of meal vouchers to order.

Your absence request management process will be structured and controlled, and the transfer of information optimized. The approval workflow (you can have up to 5 levels) is easy to configure, enabling you to tailor it to your teams' structure and organization.

Your trackers and balances for paid leave, time in lieu, compensation hours or other (all leave types can be configured), are updated automatically. What's more, your accurate, up-to-date staff leave calendar can be accessed by everyone, in real time.

At the end of the month all absence data is exported automatically to payroll with just one click. If necessary, you can input any variable payroll elements by employee category (overtime, bonuses, commissions, start/leaving dates, salary increases, allowances, advances on expenses, benefits in kind, car allowances, travel card reimbursements, travel expenses, etc.) before exporting. Our solution works with your payroll system, regardless of whether it is managed internally or externally, by a specialized provider, or by your chartered accountant.

Staff leave calendar – saving time and increasing accuracy

No more re-entry of data, no more copying and pasting, no more chasing up your managers to get hold of forgotten or lost forms or requests.

Eliminate the risk of errors, and the need for complex Excel spreadsheets. Automate all your most repetitive and least interesting tasks.

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Strengths of Eurécia Congés & Absences

  • Save time on leave management
  • Ensure the reliability of management processes
  • Improve HR tracking
  • Certifications: GDPR

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€69 /month for 10 users
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Contract of Employement Amendment
Email Payslip to Employees
Employee Portal
Employee Profile
Employees Notification
Filter per department, organisation, profile
History & Reports
Lunch Voucher Management
Multiple Populations Type Management
Overtime Management
Payroll counter
Sick Leave and Accidents
Time Off & Leave Tracking
Accounting Entries Generation
People Management
Absenteeism Control
Activity monitoring
Attendance follow-up
Breaks (paid and not paid)
Budgeted time
Clock in, Clock out
Collective Agreement Management
Company Directory LDAP / Active Directory
Compensatory Time Management
Cost Estimation
Export to payroll system
Flexible Time Management
Holidays Management
Leave Balance
Leave Management
Leave Validation Process
Overtime Management
Periodic Check-ups Management
Progression follow-up
Punctuality Monitoring
Staff Management
Time Estimation
Time Saving Account
Working Time Management


Security & Confidentiality
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Daily Backups
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Control sensitive business data with built-in DLP policies based on regulatory standards such as PII and PCI, which help to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis.
Geographic Data Redundancy
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Strict Internal Access Controls
Total Data Reversibility
Two-Factor Authentication
Dedicated Account Manager

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