Top tools: find the best invoicing software to make your business thrive

By Jana Walsh
Updated: 8 April 2021, first publication: December 2018
software backgroundTop tools: find the best invoicing software to make your business thrive

Simple and free invoice software is all you need for your invoices. However, one that is more elaborate, can also support you in steering and managing your work.

What solutions are available and which should you choose? We have selected not only some free invoice software but also paid yet budget-friendly tools for you to find the one made for your business.

How can I choose the right software for me?

What are my needs?

To find software that is best suited to your work, take into consideration:

  • The number of users
  • Monthly bills, etc. 
  • Will you need to personalize the documents with the logo of your business?

How will I use this software?

Will you need mobility? If this is the case, software that also has a mobile app is vital for you. Don't underestimate the software appearance and the interface, they are what will make its usage more enjoyable and its setting-up easier. Interoperability is also a key factor, you want this software to be compatible for further time-saving. 

Free software worth trying


Zervant is an online tool that stands out for its user-friendliness. Designed for small businesses, in particular very small businesses or entrepreneurs. You can create your cost estimates and invoices in just a few clicks! Email, PDF or a hard copy- it’s up to you!

In terms of its features, Zervant proposes: 

  • Management of your client base
  • Sending documents
  • Monitoring your sales 
  • The option of personalized documents
  • Multi-lingual management of your cost estimates and spending, etc.
  • You can see within a few minutes if your bills have been paid, are waiting to be paid or are overdue. Providing up-to-date knowledge or your cash-flow straight away. 

Up to 10 customers, unlimited email invoicing, standard support in 5 languages, online payments. For a service with more options, monthly prices start at $4.

free invoice zervant


Used by 100, 000 small businesses to create, personalize and send professional-looking estimates and invoices to clients within a matter of seconds and the touch of a few buttons. Download for it to be yours.

Here’s why: 

  • Invoices in any language or currency in a matter of seconds delivered swiftly to clients
  • The receipt of instant online invoice payments from any location, any client and in whatever world currency,
  • Get compensation: Turn hours, miles and expenses into invoices and bills at the click of a button and ensure you are reimbursed for the work your business does
  • Customize Invoicely by adjusting every element of your control panel, log-in screens and statements to suit the design to your specific business.
  • Manage multiple businesses from the one space
  • Finances in all in the same location
  • Monthly, yearly and customizable summaries on your earnings and expenses, invoices, estimates, and bills

Free version- unlimited invoices and billing in any currency, with limited branding ability. More options with the paid version that starts at $9.99/ month, but that is to be expected.

Free invoicing software Invoicely

Paid invoice software to meet your needs

Within the category of paid software, some are offered under a license with a maintenance agreement for updates and others are offered via subscription in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. Regarding the size of your organization (self-employment, micro-company, small and medium-sized enterprises), there are different solutions.


Focus on other tasks whilst Freshbooks takes care of the billing. With its help, you can send invoices and receive payments sooner. Complete with automated payment reminders as well as tracking ability.  Brand your system and design invoices with your company's logo and colors… so that your clients might even enjoy receiving bills!

  • Cloud-based
  • Award-winning customer support 
  • On average, FreshBooks customers save 16 hours a month
  • Chat and collaborate on work
  • Assign project due dates
  • Invite your staff, clients or contractors to a project
  • Share images and files from within FreshBooks
  • Professional touches 
  • Create an invoice in seconds 
  • Ability to charge late fees 
  • Get paid up to 11 days faster 



Quickbooks is also a popular online accounting solution, with 2.5 million users across the world. It is the most trusted online accounting solution amongst small businesses and a very sensible choice. This solution alerts you in the case of payments not yet received. To avoid noticing late that a customer hasn't paid you, you may install an email reminder to know in advance. Quickbooks comes equipped with excellent ergonomics and an anti-fraud system.

Quickbooks offers a range of features which allow you to:

  • Monitor your daily cash flow: track profit and loss
  • Detect anomalies to save any business blunders
  • Simplify bookkeeping: quickly enter your accounts thanks to your integrated accounting plan and automatic management of VAT
  • Connection with numerous banks
  • Intuitive control panels
  • Commercial management: Send quotes and invoices to clients after you have created them with Quickbooks
  • Monitor current payments
  • Get an overview of your activity so that you can better manage your enterprise
  • Attractive interface with a range of features to simplify your daily administration tasks 
  • Web-based access: Does away with the storage of your accounting, commercial and financial data
  • Not necessarily a free solution, but at times it offers promotions to enable businesses with smaller budgets to afford quality software. 


Sage One

A Sage offer for very small companies that lack in accounting expertise. It is complete and comes in the form of a control panel for a real-time view of your administration. This management and assistance tool help you to access and change your work from anywhere using your mobile app and desktop computer alike.

Clever functions of Sage One:

  • Reference your articles and products and create your own personalized quote model
  • Automatically does calculations excluding taxes and including taxes, and automatically formats documents
  • Helps you to avoid wasting time by making sure you don’t make the same errors that were always a problem with Excel
  • Quotes and invoices can be sent via email in one click, getting them to clients sooner
  • Bank synchronization means you can track client payments in real time 
  • Your accountant can be granted secured access, allowing them to find all the necessary information for bookkeeping purposes
  • A mobile app for managing client payment reminders
  • Very attractive price
  • No redundant functions for VSBs
  • The learning environment, quick uptake


Have you chosen your invoicing software yet?

Obtaining a reliable invoicing solution is absolutely necessary. While some call themselves free, they often hide some inconveniences. If you have to choose your own, look closely at your expectations in terms of functions, ease of configuration and choose one which is satisfying, upgradeable and customizable in the long run.

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Software backgroundInvoicing software for small businesses
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Invoicing software for small businesses
As a small business, you may feel like invoicing is beyond your budget, but thankfully there are generous and helpful invoicing software out there. And aren't you lucky, we've found them, compared them just for you.