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Online Invoice: 4 Tools to Dematerialise Stress-Free
Online Invoice: 4 Tools to Dematerialise Stress-Free
If you want to dematerialise your invoices but you don’t know how, this article is made for you. Suggestions, tips and the best software
[Free online invoice template] Automate your invoicing process to earn more!
[Free online invoice template] Automate your invoicing process to earn more!
How to invoice your customers easily and be paid on time? Use our free invoice template to start automating your billing process, or opt for an easy-to-use online software!

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Invoicing software for small businesses
19 October 2021
Invoicing software for small businesses
As a small business, you may feel like invoicing is beyond your budget, but thankfully there are generous and helpful invoicing software out there. And aren't you lucky, we've found them, compared them just for you.


Questions of finance and accounting within a business compel very small, small to medium-sized businesses and those who are self-employed to adopt suitable invoicing software. In the era of online invoicing, you need a user-friendly solution to automatically visualize your bills, cost estimates, and commercial documents

Accounting software programs to better deal with the invoicing process

Small and medium-sized businesses do not necessarily use the same invoicing software as large companies. Needs will vary according to the size of organization (one sole point of sale?), the number of clients and the billing and cost estimates.

Does the set-up of your commercial management software live up to your expectations? This is the question that you must ask yourself, notably depending on your commercial cost estimates. To meet the user’s simplistic needs, efficient management software should offer personalization at all levels, for example: 

  • Simplifed stock management
  • Easy creation of a bill using the invoicing model 
  • Take account of all taxes, such as VAT to be included, or the note ‘VAT not applicable’ for those who are self-employed
  • Indication of late payments
  • In the case of an advanced payment, establish a specific advanced payment of a bill
  • Editing delivery dockets
  • Invoice for finalizing the transaction
  • Indication of the payment method, such as cheque or automatic bank payment 
  • Carry out a bank transfer to pay the provider
  • Make a reminder possible in case of unpaid bills, the recall for late payments 
  • Chase up debt recovery
  • Facilitation of tax return statements 
  • Taking financial capacity into account

Your invoicing software should facilitate electronic invoicing

Legal compliance is one of the main concerns for the microenterprise, very small businesses and small to medium-sized businesses. With the evolution of European legislation, the electronic invoice - or e-invoice - has become the new standard. 

Put yourself in the shoes of a chartered accountant or certified public accountant, or management expert and easily manage online accounting software thanks to Cloud. Conscious of the fact that adaptability and security are the priorities when it comes to financial and commercial activity, Appvizer recommends SaaS software solutions to meet all of your expectations. 

Visit our independent search engine, compare and select amongst invoicing software that do the job of an accounting software at the same time, all brought to you in the most efficient manner: 


  • Unique number for identification,
  • Consideration of your own taxation,
  • Online commercial management,
  • Solution connected to the point-of-sale

Flat rate contract, free trial, monthly subscription, whatever the size of your company (very small- small/medium-sized businesses, new businesses…) you will find the right solution for you. For peace of mind, start using an invoicing software right now!