Best Online Billing and Invoicing Software

Online quoting and invoicing software automates your commercial and accounting activities. These finance and accounting software programs allow you to automate daily accounting and bring yourself into legal compliance thanks in particular to traceability and the essential information systematically affixed: the company name of the seller and the buyer with his address, the date of completion of the sale, the quantity of goods sold, the unit price of the service, etc.

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What is invoicing software?


Billing software is a computer solution that automates the management of quotes, invoices and payment tracking. Some allow the company's cash flow to be monitored in real-time and online payments to be made. He is an accounting assistant for small companies (VSEs, SMEs and SMIs). Some invoicing software is even adapted to self-employed entrepreneurs without a chartered accountant, building tradesmen or the liberal professions.

How does it work?

The invoice is the document that reflects the amount expected in payment of what has been given to the customer. As a company, you are the creditor and your customers are the debtors.  

Billing/quoting software is designed to assist you in the editing of your commercial management documents and administrative tasks. It allows you to create contacts and customers and then an invoice template, a quoting template and a purchase order template. Quoting software also allows you to create a list of product services that can be easily added to the purchase order, quotes, invoice and delivery note.

Finally, the invoice software will automatically create the documents on the basis of the models by properly affixing the corporate name of the seller and the buyer with his address, the date of completion of the sale, the quantity of goods sold, the unit price of the service, the due date for payment of the invoice and the penalties for late payment in the event of non-payment. With online software, you can easily create your invoices and manage your quotes, deposits and credit notes!

To go further, the commercial management software makes it possible to manage goods, furnace relations and stocks. There are different types of online business management software. 

To learn everything about managing your accounting activities, discover our guides on invoicing.

What are the main features of an invoice/quoting software?

The invoicing software, complementary to the online accounting software, supports you on a daily basis in the production of your commercial documents and invoices while simplifying things for you to restart pending payments. Discover the different features at your disposal:

  • Generate your quotes and invoices. By filling in the customer file as accurately as possible in advance, you will only need a few details to establish a quote adapted to each request.
  • Invoice templates are available to create an invoice.
  • Manage your customer files: By regularly indicating the changes, you will be able to update data to complete invoices by taking the information directly from the database.
  • Edit your invoices with all the legal information required for the validity of the document (e. g. VAT rate). You can retrieve them in PDF format via export.
  • Automatically and more easily remind your customers of their arrears by applying any dunning charges associated with the delay.
  • Make invoices with a commercial discount and improve your customer relationship.
  • Order form, delivery note
  • Generation of accounting entries
  • Access to accounting documents and entries by the Chartered Accountant

Why use an invoicing/quoting software?


Management and invoicing software are essential to your operation:

  • Handwriting invoices with Excel can lead to errors. It is also illegal since the implementation of the new finance law
  • It automates all customer management, document creation for your customers and your accountant
  • It allows you to manage your company's cash flow
  • It allows you to make a perfect layout
  • They support recurring invoicing and reminders
  • It automates administrative procedures such as VAT declaration and saves you time
  • Online invoicing software is Mac OS, Windows and Linux compatible


  • Some foreign invoicing software does not comply with the VAT anti-fraud law

What types of invoices can you create with the invoicing software? 

There are different types of invoices that you can create using your invoicing software.

  • Interim invoicing or provision invoice. It is a down payment invoiced several times a year to spread a large payment or an annual consumption.
  • The regularization invoice that is issued following the reading of an index or to upgrade a consumption.
  • The closing invoice that terminates a consumption and ensures the end of a contract.
  • The "proforma" invoice that is issued at the customer's request immediately after purchase.
  • The final invoice, which is the document that summarizes the performance of a service or the delivery of a good.

What should you pay attention to when choosing your billing software? 

Don't buy software that is too heavy or has features you might get lost in. Use simple invoicing software and pay attention to:

  • The ergonomics of the software so that the functions are quickly accessible.
  • The personalization of documents. The invoice must be able to include your logo and your company's colours so that we have a sense of unity and harmony.
  • The publisher has a customer service department.
  • The security of your online billing data
  • The price: Publishers offer different types of subscriptions depending on the number of employees
  • Contact management should make it possible to provide all the necessary information about customers.
  • Generalist (for all companies) or specialized (building software) quoting software
  • Online software or single-user version

Both have advantages and it is mainly a question of choosing the accounting software solution to invoice that will best suit you.

The single-user software

Single-user invoicing software provides greater data security and you can more easily measure the cost of the investment. You buy the software that is installed on your computer system or on the computers of your structure. The update will be done regularly. Please note that you will only have access to your data from your professional computer. If you want to do your reminders, enter expense reports or check the treasury, invoices and quotes, you will have to do it from your office.

The online invoicing software

The online invoicing software (such as flexina) is sometimes more interesting because updates are made every time the editor changes and you can get new modules. You have access to the platform in SaaS mode from all computers that are connected to the Internet. The price often varies depending on the number of employees who will have access to your billing software. Thus the price for a self entrepreneur software will be different from the microenterprise, VSE, SME or large companies.

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