Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence: AI Summit, London

Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence: AI Summit, London

By Nicholas Barone
Published: 11/03/2022

Curious about new trends in AI? Looking to be on the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence? Then what are you waiting for? Come to the AI in Summit in London from June 15-16! 

AI in Business 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is about the ability of machines to learn and make decisions about the world around them. This kind of automation takes different forms in different industries, for example, you might have a Roomba vacuum, which uses AI to map out and clean your house. Business is no different. AI in business can be anything from making recommendations to customers based on their previous viewing history, to even automating the hiring process by automatically approving or rejecting candidate profiles based on a preset desired one. 

AI is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Those who don’t use it to their advantage are starting to fall behind their competitors.  

Where Commercial AI Comes to Life

This two-day event, taking place at the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London, is sure to be one of the biggest events in tech of the year. With industry leaders like Google, Oracle, Accenture, Facebook, Microsoft, and more, you’ll get almost unlimited access to the kind of information and tools you need to use AI to your advantage in your business. 

The event is going to be divided into tracks, including: AI Finance track, AI Healthcare track, Retail and eCommerce, and Media and Entertainment. Whatever industry you’re in, this event will give you key insights on how to strategically deploy AI to boost your company’s activity.  

You’ll be able to pick and choose which industry leaders you want to hear from, in order to maximize your business’ AI potential. 

Tickets start at £495 for Academic/Start-Up, and goes all the way up to £1499 for Standard+. But if you book before March 31st, you can save up to, £500 with the early-bird rate. 

Don’t miss out on the world’s foremost event on AI in business! Buy your tickets now! 


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