Just In! The top news of the web - Week 15

Just In! The top news of the web - Week 15

By Nguyen Oanh
Published: 15/04/2022

What should you take away from the news this week? In this episode, we’re going to discover: LinkedIn’s new founders guide, 20 UGC advertising stats & trends, live-stream commerce trends on TikTok, work-life integration, and much more.

Let’s jump into it right now!


📚 LinkedIn Publishes New 'Founders' Guide' to Help SMBs Maximize their LinkedIn Presence

Due to the pandemic, the last few years have been rough for lots of small and medium businesses. Lots of entrepreneurs want to seriously refresh their plans to meet the post-covid market demand. In order to help SMBs optimize their LinkedIn presence, LinkedIn has published the new founders guide with tons of insightful content. Check out the article on socialmediatoday.com for more details!

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📊 20 UGC Advertising Stats & Trends You Need to Know in 2022 [Infographic]

Do you want to implement UGC (User-generated Content) into your advertising campaign? Check out this infographic to learn more about: advertising statistics in the creator ecosystem, top UGC advertising creative trends, ad creative averages, etc. shared by the Consumer Acquisition team.

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📱 Live-Stream Commerce Offers Big Potential for TikTok's Growth Prospects

With well-formed features and an advanced algorithm, Douyin (and now TikTok) is a big success not only in mainland China but also around the world. Live-stream commerce is huge in China with $400 billion in shopping revenues this year. But will this trend have the same success in western countries? How will TikTok do it? Check out the article to answer all these questions!

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🛡 Terrible cloud security is leaving the door open for hackers. Here's what you're doing wrong

The increase of cloud platforms may present a number of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 53% of cloud accounts have weak passwords consisting of under 14 characters, and you can use the same password for another account. This is one of the reasons why cyberattacks usually happen with cloud platforms. Discover tips on how to improve your security in this article on ZDNet!

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💻 With work-life ‘integration,’ say goodbye to the 9-5 workday

After the pandemic, lots of companies are allowing their employees to integrate a “work-life” model instead of choosing between work and personal life. This helps employees find balance and be more productive. Discover what these companies do and all the advantages in the article!

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💷 VAT: Open and shut case of import value deception

Nowadays, in our global marketplace, we can buy anything from anywhere easily through internet shopping and online platforms, even if it’s on the other side of the world. But merchandise entering the United Kingdom will be at the mercy of import duty and import VAT, which may well eat into any savings from buying abroad.

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