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BloomreachA single flexible platform for customer data, marketing, AI

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Enhances customer experiences through data integration, analysis, and personalisation.

Bloomreach offers a dynamic Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed to unify customer data across various touchpoints. It enables organisations to enrich customer experiences through advanced analysis and tailored personalisation strategies. Key features include data integration, machine learning-driven insights, and real-time customer engagement capabilities.

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Leverage AI and marketing intelligence to reach customers

Easily manage your pages and sites with visual editors

Understand your audience with key analytics

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WixComplete website builder

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Create stunning websites with ease using this powerful CMS software.

With a user-friendly interface and a vast library of templates, this software allows you to customize your website with ease. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes designing a breeze, while its robust features, including SEO optimization and mobile responsiveness, ensure your site is professional and effective.

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This eCommerce software is designed to streamline online sales, with features such as inventory management, order tracking and customer data analysis.

With Commerce Cloud, businesses can easily manage their online store, from tracking inventory levels to fulfilling orders. The software also provides valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, helping businesses make data-driven decisions to enhance their online sales.

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eCommerce software for online businesses with customisable themes, multi-store management, and mobile responsiveness.

With Magento, businesses can easily manage multiple stores, customise themes to fit their brand, and ensure a seamless mobile shopping experience for customers. Its robust features make it a top choice for online retailers looking to optimise their eCommerce platform.

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Paid version from €99.00 /month

eCommerce software with advanced inventory management, real-time data analysis and customer profiling features.

With Y2 On Demand, retailers can manage their inventory across multiple channels, track sales and customer behavior in real-time, and create personalized promotions based on customer profiles. The software's intuitive interface makes it easy to use and optimize for maximum efficiency.

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Boost your online sales with powerful eCommerce software. Manage your inventory, orders, and payments seamlessly.

With ZielCommerce, you can easily create a stunning online store that is mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly. The software integrates with popular payment gateways and offers real-time shipping rates. You can also track your sales performance and customer behaviour with detailed reports and analytics.

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One time payment process

Readymade Solution with 100% Customizable

Developers build native android and IOS app

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Paid version from €149.00 /month

eCommerce software that simplifies inventory management, payment processing, and order fulfilment for online businesses.

With automated order tracking and customisable payment options, this software helps businesses streamline their operations and maximise revenue. Its user-friendly interface and real-time analytics make it easy to track sales and stay on top of inventory.

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Win the Buy Box (the smart way)

Maximize your sales and margins

One solution for all your channels

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Paid version from €99.00 /month

eCommerce software that optimizes pricing based on competitors, stock levels and sales data.

This software allows eCommerce businesses to stay competitive by constantly adjusting prices based on market changes, stock levels, and sales data. It also provides analytics to help businesses make informed pricing decisions.

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Watch competition

Interactive dashboard

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Paid version from €8.00 /month

Boost your email marketing with advanced automation, personalisation, and segmentation tools.

ActiveTrail's sophisticated software allows you to create targeted campaigns, track results, and optimise your strategy. With features like drag-and-drop email builders, A/B testing, and real-time analytics, you can maximise engagement and conversions.

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New emailing editor

Powerful multichannel marketing automation

Optimal deliverability

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A powerful Marketplace software for managing franchise operations. Automate tasks, control finances, and streamline communication with ease.

Ogustine Franchise simplifies franchise management with its robust Marketplace software. Manage multiple franchises, track inventory, generate reports, and communicate with ease. The software is designed to automate tasks, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. Get real-time insights into your franchise operations and make data-driven decisions.

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automatic billing and commission management system

Smart order assignment system

manage a network of partners

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