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What is Zymplify?

As its name indicates it, Zymplify is here to simplify your life! Tired of managing old and not optimized marketing processes? Well, Zimplify helps you manage and track multi-channel marketing campaigns by giving you source attribution for every digital engagement. 

What are the different features of Zymplify?

Zymplify is a super complete solution composed of multiple features that will improve how your company works.

  • Be able to track efficiently and accurately who is visiting your website thanks to powerful website visitor tracking.
  • Marketing Calendar will allow you to regroup all of your marketing events in one place and never lose sight of your projects.
  • Creation of landing page in order to build great and attractive newsletters, lead magnets.
  • CRM feature which will allow you to contact all the contacts that you want within the same place.

There are many other features, like automated email journeys which will create powerful email funnels. 

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