signoSign/2: Sign a PDF digitally handwritten

signoSign/2 is used for the creation, handwritten signing and automated further processing of your PDF documents.

signoSign/2 - the software for capturing handwritten electronic signatures

You can use signotec signature pads or mobile devices as input devices for handwritten signatures. The software generates advanced electronic signatures according to the eIDAS regulation and ISO standard. 

Main features of signoSign/2

  • Electronic signature according to ISO standard with incremental insertion of individual signatures
  • Support of common Windows systems (PCs, laptops, tablet PCs, Windows servers)
  • Runs under Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) and Citrix (Citrix Ready certified)
  • Automatic and dynamic recognition of signature positions for each document

  • Confirmation and display texts during the signature process on the pad
    Automatic saving with individual file names (including placeholders, date, etc.)

  • Automatic sending of the signed document by e-mail 

  • Attach additional documents or images via webcam or scanner (e.g. identity card)

  • "Secure Mode" for secure real-time display of the signature on the monitor

  • Highest security through encryption and signature directly in the signature pad

Further features and information can be found on our homepage.

Editor: signotec

Strengths of signoSign/2

  • Secure
  • Certified
  • Real-time depiction of the signature
  • Certifications: eIDAS

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