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Service Management software allows different types of enterprises to automate the management of certain daily tasks. Discover the different types available in our software comparator .

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The Best all-in-one solution for small businesses !

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All-in-one workplace for teams

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Appointment Scheduling Software

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The 100% cloud-based solution dedicated to Field Service

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Easy to use and really powerful

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Kizeo Forms

Mobility and Digitisation solution for professionals

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Human Resources Management System

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Ogustine Marketplace

The first online service providers one-stop solution

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Nutrium Software

Nutrition software solution for nutrition professionals

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Nicoka ATS

Simple application management and recruitment solution

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Cloud-based field service management solution

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Open Source marketing automation solution without limits

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Simplifies the learning and use of applications

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Instantly engage your audience with a chabot

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Eolia Software

Agile & Innovative Recruitment Solution

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Azuneed RH - Gestion des temps

Logiciel de saisie des temps et de compte-rendu d'activités

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Fitnet Manager

The ERP Designed for Consulting and Services Companies

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Project Management Software

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Data manager for marketers

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Kizeo Forms Gestion

The key to profitable sales management

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Perspectives gestion de projet

Mindmap-based project management solution

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What is an Online Service Software?


An online service software is an all-in-one tool designed for the efficiency of various activities, including the management of different types of businesses: hair salon, restaurants or home repair. The range of the tool makes it a suitable solution for any type of business, without taking into account the environment in which it is used. This is essential for automating administrative tasks, planning company meetings and ensuring their follow-up.

How Does it Work?

In general, this online service software includes many management modules. These modules allow for the  follow-up of activities by ensuring the effectiveness of each team responsible for a specific service. In some cases, the tool is customizable to allow the user to implement a feature specific to the company. Nevertheless, the basic management functionalities of a company remain present in the service software. They offer accounting and billing tools and also ensure the development of a schedule and the automatic sharing of documents. The same goes for the synchronization of data, which is particularly necessary for establishments managing various services simultaneously.

What are the Main Features of a Service Software in SaaS?

Automatic Creation of a Dashboard

Whether it is a convenience store or a training center, businesses and auto entrepreneurs must always know the state of their market in real time. Service software automatically generates a dashboard on the majority of actions undertaken by the company, including billing interventions and scheduling appointments.

Management of Interventions

Service software can speed up the planning of interventions by categorizing them by type or by contract. It eliminates the reentries and quickly prints the intervention notes. These can be sent by mail according to the customer's request. In parallel, the tool takes into account the resources of the company to allow the user to efficiently anticipate the problems of absences and unavailability. This can be done through pointing applications.

Customer Management

This service software offers the development of contracts based on the catalog references of the company. It also includes purchase orders and invoice templates to optimize efficiency and reduce manual entries. The same is true for registration forms.

Who Uses Online Service Software?

This online service software can be an asset to all companies looking for a tool that can optimize their productivity and management of their business. It allows for the best management of all kinds of service activities, regardless of the business sector. Whether it is a plumbing service or a personal services, the software integrates different tools adapted to several interventions.

Why Use Service Software in a Company?


  • Improves productivity
  • Makes the services offered to customers more reliable
  • Optimizes the management of the company
  • Offers an effective business case
  • Saves time in completing tasks
  • Improves the customer experience


  • Few free software services that intergrate all the management modules necessary for the proper fucntioning of a company

How to Choose an Online Service Software?

Optimization in functionality: In view of the plurality of service activities, it is essential to choose a tool integrating various basic functionalities to meet the needs of the company. Between making an appointment for a grooming salon, sharing documents on a project launched by a design office and taking courses in a driving school, the software must be able to perform all these functions and more.

Access to functionalities: It is necessary to determine in advance if functionalities of the service software are essential offline, like those used for the management of a garden center. If this is the case, the user must inquire about the accessibility of the software and find one that meets their needs.

Rights management: Some software offers the management of access rights to features. This kind of tool helps to better distribute tasks within the team. While some services only use the tool for purchasing, others use the tool for sales management.

The cost: The service software is available at different prices. This is why it is necessary to define a budget, determine the necessary features and find a tool that meets these criteria.

The Best Free and Open Source Software

  • Noethys 

The Most Popular Professional Service Software

  • Pointex 
  • Servex
  • Multiservice i7 

There are many companies and organizations that offer different services to their customers and prospects. Nevertheless, this activity requires the implementation of a powerful software to ensure its success and the durability of the structure.

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