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How Drip Powers and Empowers Ecommerce

Your online shop picks up a lot of info about customers as they shop. And with an ECRM, you finally have a way to trace every bit of activity back to your unique customers, then use that data to create highly relevant, meaningful, and memorable experiences so every customer feels cozy and cared for (so they come back again and again). Here’s how it’s done.

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.

44% will become repeat buyers.

Get to know your customer.

Ditch the days of grouping people into big lists or limiting what you know about your customers to opened and clicked emails. There’s a whole wide world of info out there, and Drip is here to help you grab it and use it. Our JavaScript snippet helps you understand customer journeys while our slick automation lets you use tagging, event recording, and more on the fly so you can segment and personalize by these details. When you plug all your ecommerce marketing tools into Drip, you’ll finally understand what each customer is doing from the start of their journey through the checkout lane and back again.

Build better experiences and be remembered.

All that data you’ve been tracking is neatly tucked away in Drip, waiting for you to pull it into your next big marketing strategy. Create highly targeted marketing campaigns when you segment people by all the info you collect along their journey, then personalize your communication at every step, like in your emails, ads, or even postcards. Easily use Liquid language and dynamic content to automatically show each person products they’d like, coupons they earned, or content they’ll love (all without needing a developer or touching a line of code).

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

Be everywhere your customers are

ECRM breaks beyond the inbox and goes everywhere your customers are. With Drip, you can hit them with a personalized email, automatically add people to the perfect Facebook Custom Audience, show them tailored Instagram ads, shoot them an SMS message, and drop them a real-life postcard to round out one heckuva targeted multi-channel strategy. And all of it can happen in the background of your business, automatically.

Analyze and optimize, forever and ever.

“Drip is the Tesla of marketing automation.” — Y-Verge Agency

In an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape, everything you do in a day needs to add to your bottom line. And while knowing how many people saw or clicked an email is great, those numbers don’t give you the data you need for rock-solid revenue attribution and ROI. Revenue tracking is easy with our native integrations, Shopper Activity API, and crystal-clear dashboards that show you how much you rake in with every email, campaign, and workflow. You’ll never have to rely on your gut again with numbers like these to lean on

Make an Experience Customers Can’t Resist

Brands that make the change to an ECRM don’t have to rely on offering the lowest price or the fastest shipping. By the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product⁴ as the key brand differentiator, so now’s the time to nail down your strategy. Customers came to you because of the specialty products you offer, and they’ll keep coming back because of the experience you give them—with Drip.

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