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Our selection of 3 data governance software

Simplify identity and access management with comprehensive auditing and reporting tools.

Keep track of user activities, monitor security events and identify potential threats with ease. Gain insights into user behaviour, set alerts and automate compliance reporting.

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Streamline data governance with this software. Manage, classify, and track data with ease.

Mydatacatalogue simplifies data governance by providing a centralised platform for managing data. Its features include data classification, tracking, and management, allowing users to easily maintain data quality and compliance.

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Automatic audit of the information system

Intelligent data cataloging

Data mapping

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Ensure data compliance, manage risks and improve data quality with this data governance software.

This software provides a comprehensive solution to manage data compliance, minimize risks and improve data quality. With its user-friendly interface, it allows you to easily create and maintain data policies, monitor data usage, and ensure data accuracy.

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perfect synchronisation with the IS

no limit in the number of users

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Data Governance softwares: Q&A

Data governance software ensures that data is accurate, complete, and secure. It works by automating the process of tracking, managing, and protecting data across an organisation's various systems and applications.

Key features to look for when selecting data governance software include data lineage, data quality management, data cataloguing, data stewardship, and policy management. These features help ensure that data is trustworthy, compliant, and meets business requirements.

Data governance helps organisations improve data quality, reduce risks, and increase efficiency. It also helps with regulatory compliance, helps with decision-making, and ensures that data is used ethically.

Some of the best data governance software options include Collibra, Informatica, Talend, IBM InfoSphere, and Alation. Each of these tools offers a range of features and capabilities that can help organisations manage their data effectively.

Some free data governance software alternatives include Apache Atlas, Metacat, and DataHub. These open-source tools offer a range of features similar to their commercial counterparts but may require more technical expertise to implement and maintain.