software background5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Teamleader for your Agency

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Teamleader for your Agency

By Fabien PaupierUpdated: 20 May 2020, first publication: May 2017

Are you an agency, a firm, an IT services company or a design office? Are you currently using tools which don’t fit your needs, and would like to find the perfect management software to suit you? We have the solution! Find all of our advice on project management tools here.

Running an agency

Service providers

Whether your business involves consulting, software engineering, communication or even design, your company's business is to deliver services. Your business model is therefore mainly driven by invoicing services. Traditional product or industry-focused company software would not be ideal in that case.

The combined model

Whether you're working in project-mode, outsourcing, or at the assignment, time tracking is at the centre of your business model.

  • Either you charge like liberalised or freelance professions - by the day or the number of hours.
  • Or you charge a flat rate - an overall rate for the assignment or the project carried out.

Underlying needs

Whether you charge by the hour or a flat rate, time tracking is essential – it’s used to calculate your profitability. You directly compare the number of hours spent with the associated turnover. Either the ratio is positive, which is great, or it’s too even, in which case corrective actions are required. You could re-evaluate the invoice with the customer, for example, or at least try to understand the factors causing the loss to avoid them in the future.

Translating your needs for tools

You may be a Small Business and need a tool to manage your workflow. Without turning towards an SAP-type software, whose complexity and action coverage would be over the top, you will need an adapted software to implement your actions daily:

  • support,
  • business,
  • and production.

The 5 reasons to choose Teamleader

Amongst the existing company software, some are designed for a particular type of company and activity… in your case, Teamleader is – hands down – the one for you. Why, you ask?

1/ Straight to the essentials

When you think of management software, ERP – Entreprise Resources Planning – comes to mind and that’s an instant headache! ERP projects are generally slow to integrate, expensive and work-intensive. They involve a process restructure, which temporarily upheaves the running of the company. In your case, you don’t have to choose complicated solutions. Your needs are simple, and so are the solutions. Hello Teamleader - the software which focuses on the essentials. No pointless complications, it’s easy and quick in uptake.

2/ Real-time monitoring

We said it – keeping track of your time is crucial in your work. But how do you implement a monitoring system? This is facilitated with a software like Teamleader - coworkers keep continuous track of their time. It’s all updated in the project management area. You can obtain a view-by-project and by co-worker. It’s all synchronised with the calendar. Even calls, passed through the interface, are tracked.

3/ IP telephony

These are calls made via the internet. Teamleader uses Twilio technology. From the CRM - Customer Relationship Management - you click on the phone number of a contact and the call is started. The connected line can be opened within the solution itself, and the log of past calls is linked directly with the corresponding contacts. Note-taking is facilitated during the call: you already have the contact card and can easily add notes. When an incoming call arrives, the connected contact card appears automatically. Just like with a missed call, the software tells you exactly who to call back.

4/ Information sharing

Your management software facilitates your own work - but it can also facilitate interactions with your partners, both upstream and downstream. You share various content within a project, both with your project superiors and with your suppliers. By providing them with controlled access to your work tool, you spread the information better and in real time. Everyone better understands others’ expectations and the situation as a whole.

5/ Mobility

These days you have to be able to work from anywhere - on the move, when telecommuting, in meetings... Your business software must work on smartphones and tablets as well as computers. This is the case with Teamleader, and the solution also interfaces with other device features. So much so, in fact, that when you make a call from your phone, you can choose to do so both from your business and personal line.

Small companies specialising in services have specific functions, which justify the choice of a suitable management solution. Teamleader, for its ease of implementation and the relevance of these functions, meets the criteria.

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