The top benefits of using a CRM software for sales managers

By Kishana Citadelle
Published: 13/08/2021
definition backgroundThe top benefits of using a CRM software for sales managers

Customer relationship management has been the focal point yet the most neglected thing since the creation of companies. It is well known that the more customer focused your business is, the more you stand a chance to gain and build up customer loyalty.

Specifically, when it involves your sales managers and sales teams. Of course, though it may seem obvious, applying it is another thing. It calls for a strong and clear thinking process. So what did our lovely humankind decided in order to simplify these tasks for sales managers and their sales? They created customers relationship software products, better known as CRM software programs. We will now see the benefits of CRM for sales managers.

What are the benefits of CRM for sales managers?

The benefits for the company:

Every customer is different and each has specific needs that require attention and answering to. And, how do you manage that with a growing business and customer gains? It is thanks to the help of a CRM software.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software centralizes all types of exchanges with your prospects and customers. It is the ideal tool to store all information such as:

  • Their contact details
  • Their date of birth
  • Products purchased which shows your customer’s interests.
  • Exchanges with the after-sales service, letting them know that you value their support, and that they are important to your business
  • Their preferred means of contact so as not to harass them. Knowing their preferred way to be contacted shows them that you are attentive and observant

As you read, it allows you to oversee all the crucial information of a customer, that is stored and gathered in the software. It also helps you to track leads of actual customers as well as envisage new ones. CRM helps your company:

  • Improve customer service
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Keep your customers as CRM aids in tracking them and finding out their needs
  • Increase the company’s sales. The more you understand the customer and respond to their needs & problems effectively, the more they will want to buy
  • Generate new business and leads. A satisfied customer will repurchase, and I am sure you have heard of word of mouth. They can say positive reviews to potential customers.
  • Ameliorate market intelligence: Helping you use CRM shown data that is relevant to your company’s marketing strategy. If properly studied, it usually leads to great decision of marketing campaigns
  • Reduce cost: There is no more spending on paper. And mistakes are reduced because of CRM software organization. Everything is visible and stored in the right place.

In short, the CRM way is more complete and more practical than regular business cards stored on your desk. Much more is done in less time.

The benefits for the customers

You need not worry about fickle customers, because CRM datum has got you covered. Customer loyalty is at the heart of CRM software. It is used to optimize relationships between your service team and your contacts, i.e, your customer and fan base, as well as generate leads that turn into sales for your company.

This software gives you better information, knowledge and a better understanding of customers’ wants and needs. It helps you accomplish your tasks in the most efficient way. Tasks that lead to satisfied customers and increased sales for the company!

When you know that building customer loyalty costs a company 5 times less than acquiring new ones, it is better to use a software system that creates a stable relationship and communication with your customer. It is easier to improve contacts rather than to constantly chase after new ones, right?

Sales report and marketing is absolutely essential for business! And, considering how much it costs to acquire contacts today and the reliability that comes with it, meaning very slim, retention really makes the acquired database profitable.

For example, it will be very easy to follow and analyse all the exchanges, communications made between the sales managers and sales team with your customers: in the field, by email, phone, mail…

Thanks to the software, you will have access to a complete email management module in order to launch targeted communications without leaving the CRM. Anything visible by the sales manager will be equally so for the management team. And as a sales manager, you will then be able to make proposals and customized offers for customers.

Have I not convinced you yet? Well this is just a few examples, so, keep reading for more benefits on how CRM works.

How does CRM work, and why would a sales manager need it?

Start by setting goals and objectives for the sales manager and sales team. The software is efficient, but it does not have a conscious, so be clear about what you want to accomplish with your sales and marketing management team. One tool that is useful is the SMART process, which stands for:

S: Specific, you should make your goal specific so that the CRM system focuses exactly on what you want to accomplish.

M: Measurable, make your goal is trackable, so you can see what progress you are making and reevaluate where there is an issue, so you can fix it.

A: Achievable, Time is money, so everything that you wish to do should be do-able but also done quickly.

R: Relevant, make sure the sales manager and team know what they are capable of accomplishing. Can you realistically achieve it, objective and Is your goal long term?

T: Time-bound, Time is money. When do you want to accomplish it, and how fast can you? There should be a deadline, a time limit? The goal here is to be effective.

Once this is done, now you can start setting up your personalized CRM system.

  • It helps to manage your customer service better: CRM ameliorates your companies business relationships with your customer base. It prevents misunderstandings
  • CRM tracks everything that is stored in its database, you can follow their activities and see what catches their interest in the new products of your business.

It’s a process, but CRM classifies all your important information in the software. Every department team has access to it, which aids in better leads, organization and sales benefits as well as better internal communication.

You can set reminders and notifications in the software’s system so that nothing is left unattended.

  • Marketing Automation: Thanks to the software, it will be possible to automate certain repetitive tasks. Yes, that is right, I said it, CRM releases some load off of sales managers and sales team - like those tiresome administrative tasks and reduces your work by half, saving you time and money. Furthermore, it provides you and your sales marketing team with the exact sales, marketing funnels and customer service data.

Leads or potential customers can come from several channels such as phone, email promotions, social media etc. So, in order to get everyone efficiently in sync, you will need to use CRM. And let’s not forget that it is mobile, so whether you are on the go or in the office, CRM is easily accessible and allows you to work anywhere.

Everyone will be aware of what their tasks at the same time, to respond to immense requests and people.

  • Conversion: Then, once the tasks have been established to the concerned team, you need to turn those the leads into customers. Of course, this is the most tricky part for your business but where CRM comes in, is that it allows you to seek your stored customer datum in the database, spot what sales worked in the past in order to pursue with the highest probable leads.
  • Long-lasting relationships: Thanks to a good CRM, you’ll be able to improve the way communication flows amongst your marketing and sales teams. CRM will give the sales manager and marketing team the correct information they need so they can adequately respond to customer service.
  • Finally, upselling! Yes, the perks of having a customer based system is the fact that you can re-contact customers you have had the most potential sales with and promote your redesigned and upgraded product to convince them to buy.

A nice synergy and a common work will fully benefit the company. It's up to you to decide whether you still want to work with a spreadsheet or switch to the online software, which guarantees the backup of your precious data!

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