Customer Success Software

Customer Success software enables SaaS software publishers to ensure the adoption of their solutions by their customers under the best conditions. They facilitate the conservation of the publisher's customer portfolio while improving the satisfaction and attrition rate of its customers.

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Sales & Customer Management
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Customer Success
Customer relationship management
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Customer Support
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Our selection of 6 customer success software

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Automate customer support with an all-in-one solution. Streamline communication, track issues and resolve tickets efficiently.

With a centralised dashboard and customisable workflows, Zoho Desk helps teams collaborate and prioritise tasks. Advanced analytics and AI-powered tools provide insights to improve customer satisfaction.

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Supercharge your team with contextual AI

Manage tickets and everything else in one place

Empower every agent to delight every customer

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Boost customer satisfaction with this software that tracks user behaviour, provides support and engages customers.

FROGED's customer success software is designed to help businesses improve customer satisfaction by tracking user behaviour, providing personalised support and engaging customers with targeted messaging. With its easy-to-use interface, businesses can quickly identify customer pain points and address them in real-time.

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Easy to install and use / Powerful features

Stunning support team / Affordable for everyone

+2k Integrations / Public Roadmap

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Streamlines customer engagement and boosts loyalty through data analytics and personalised outreach.

Visence, as a leading Customer Success software, revolutionises customer engagement by leveraging advanced data analytics. It facilitates personalised outreach strategies, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Key features include automated communication workflows, deep insights into customer behaviour, and tools for measuring success metrics. Designed to cater to businesses aiming at improving client relationships, Visence empowers users to deliver a tailored customer experience.

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Dedicated to SMB's

User-Friendly Interface

Powerful contact segmentation & support features

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Boost customer satisfaction with powerful analytics, proactive engagement, and automated workflows.

Totango's Customer Success software helps you understand your customer's behaviour, analyze their feedback, and take proactive steps to improve their satisfaction. With automated workflows, you can easily manage customer interactions and track their progress, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage with them.

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Boost customer retention rates with powerful customer success software. Track customer behaviour, automate communications, and monitor team performance.

ChurnZero's customer success software provides a comprehensive solution to improve customer retention. Keep track of customer behaviour, automate targeted communications, and monitor team performance with ease. Say goodbye to churn and hello to happy customers.

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Streamline customer success with this software that tracks and analyses customer interactions, identifies risks, and automates tasks.

With its intuitive dashboard and powerful analytics, this software empowers businesses to proactively manage customer relationships. Its automation capabilities free up time for customer success teams to focus on building strong relationships, while its risk identification features enable teams to mitigate issues before they become major problems.

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Customer Success softwares: Q&A

Customer success software helps businesses to manage and improve customer satisfaction. It analyses customer data to identify trends and patterns, and provides insights to help companies make informed decisions on how to engage with their customers more effectively. It also helps businesses to track customer interactions and monitor customer feedback.

Key features to look for in customer success software include reporting and analytics tools, customer tracking and monitoring, communication and collaboration tools, and integration with other business systems. Look for software that offers customisable dashboards and reporting options, as well as automation capabilities to help streamline processes.

Investing in customer success software can help businesses to improve customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn, and ultimately increase revenue. It provides insights into customer behaviour and helps businesses to identify opportunities to engage with customers more effectively. It also helps to build stronger relationships with customers and improve overall customer loyalty.

Some of the best customer success software options include Gainsight, Totango, and Salesforce Customer 360. These platforms offer a range of features, including reporting and analytics tools, customer tracking and monitoring, communication and collaboration tools, and integration with other business systems.

Some free customer success software alternatives include HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, and Freshsales. These platforms offer basic customer tracking and reporting capabilities, as well as some automation features. While they may not offer the full range of features of paid options, they are a good starting point for businesses looking to improve their customer success efforts.