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Our selection of 4 network monitoring software

Protect your data with advanced cybersecurity software. Monitor logs, detect threats and respond quickly with alerts and reports.

ManageEngine Log360 provides comprehensive cybersecurity features to safeguard your data. With real-time monitoring and threat detection, you can respond quickly to any potential security breaches. The software also generates alerts and reports to keep you informed and in control.

Read our analysis about ManageEngine Log360 Benefits of ManageEngine Log360

Several tools in one + integrate it with other ManageEngine tools

Exploitable for business all sizes

Makes security easy with a scalable solution

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Manage logs with ease. Analyze and troubleshoot system issues, security threats, and network anomalies efficiently.

EventLog Analyzer simplifies log management for your IT infrastructure. It provides real-time event correlation and log analysis to identify security threats and suspicious activities. With its intuitive interface, you can easily manage logs across multiple platforms, troubleshoot system issues, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Streamline your business with MSP software. Monitor, manage and automate tasks for your clients.

NinjaOne MSP software allows you to easily track and resolve issues, automate billing and reporting, and manage multiple clients from one dashboard. Save time and increase productivity.

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Network monitoring software that tracks and analyses network traffic, server performance, and application availability.

With intuitive dashboards, alerts, and reports, it provides real-time insights into network health and helps prevent downtime. Its scalability and flexibility make it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Read our analysis about Pandora FMS Benefits of Pandora FMS

High scalability.

Hybrid environment monitoring.

Wide variety of plugins.

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Network Monitoring softwares: Q&A

Network monitoring software constantly checks the network for issues, errors, and performance metrics. It tracks the traffic flow, bandwidth usage, and device availability. It sends alerts when any issue arises and allows IT teams to troubleshoot and fix the problems before they affect the network’s performance.

When selecting a network monitoring software, look for features such as real-time monitoring, customisable alerts, automated network mapping, bandwidth monitoring, and reporting. Additionally, make sure the software is compatible with your network devices and has a user-friendly interface.

Network monitoring provides real-time visibility into network performance and helps identify potential bottlenecks, security threats, and other issues. This saves time, reduces downtime, and improves overall network performance. Additionally, it can help organisations comply with regulatory requirements.

There are many options available in the UK market, including SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, PRTG Network Monitor, Nagios XI, and ManageEngine OpManager. The best option depends on your organisation's specific needs and budget.

Some free network monitoring software alternatives include Zabbix, Cacti, and LibreNMS. While these options offer basic monitoring capabilities, they may not provide the advanced features of paid software. It's important to evaluate the software's capabilities and compatibility with your network before implementing it.