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Managed Service Providers (MSP) Software

What is online MSP software?


IT service software such as MSP performs the tasks normally managed by the IT department. The aim is to maximise the company's efficiency by concentrating solely on its primary activities and leaving secondary work to external service providers. 

How does it work?

The company calls on an external player for the latter's IT skills, using MSP software. This service provider will take care of the technical tasks of the structure remotely. It will ensure its digital security by taking charge of the remote management of servers and networks. In concrete terms, the software is designed to ensure that each of the company's assets is protected against all forms of espionage by monitoring fixed stations and mobile terminals. Potential threats will be detected by the tool.  

To do this, a subscription is required. This can be monthly or annual, depending on the service provider chosen. To ensure transparency of activities, each task is recorded on the Cloud so that the company can access it in real-time.  

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