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Multiplying computer equipment to save disk space or compartmentalize your computer? This era is now over thanks to IT service software developed for virtualization!

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The Virtualization Software Guide

Technological advances provide us with real solutions to optimize the use of our servers or computers. Virtualization software has been designed to better manage the performance and memory of your computer or pro server.

What is Virtualization Software?

Virtualization software offers the ability to compartmentalize your computer and becomes the support for many virtual machines. Virtualization solutions are the opportunity to use multiple operating systems side by side on a single machine around a fully virtualized environment.

This type of virtualization software can slowly lead you to the development of a private cloud by creating a combination of compartmentalized and secure networks in the form of clusters (server clusters). You become autonomous while enjoying boosted performance and avoid heavy investments when modernizing your IT infrastructure by replacing each machine.

The Special Case of Hypervisors

A hypervisor is a virtualization tool that allows several operating systems to run on the same physical machine. The virtualization platform allows the virtualization of servers, storage, workstations or networks. There are 2 types of hypervisor, the type 1 hypervisor and the type 2 hypervisor. They both work differently. The Type 1 hypervisor is installed directly on the server and replaces the operating system that usually controls the hardware. They are used to virtualize databases, servers, or workstations. The type 2 hypervisor is installed on an operating system and runs like application software. It's a kind of emulator. They allow safety and compatibility tests to be carried out. 

What Features Should It Include?

There is a very large number of virtualization software. It is therefore essential to pay attention to the features they provide. The cloud computing provided by the virtualization software should ensure:

  • The test of susceptibility for virtualization of your applications: Is it relevant or not to use your applications in their virtual form? The software will define if this is necessary and can provide you with added value.
  • Preparation of applications for easy distribution. 
  • Verification of the quality and risk of conflicts between the different applications.
  • A minimum number of hosts and virtual machines: Evaluate the capabilities you will need to avoid thinking too small or too large.
  • Performance management of the power performance of each machine and the dedicated server
  • Optimized memory management.
  • High availability and travel implementations of virtual machines in case of malfunction of one of the servers. 
  • Analysis reports to verify resource usage in cloud computing.
  • The possibility of making backups in order to restore a defective image.

Why is Virtualization Software an Asset For Your Business?

Virtualization solutions are designed for both large companies and smaller organizations. There are no limits to using cloud computing since it can be used on one computer as well as on several machines or on a larger server.

  • Time saving: no more need to use multiple computers to work on Windows and Mac applications. You can juggle from one virtual machine to another in a matter of seconds.
  • Space saving: A large part of the servers are poorly exploited or little used. There is a lot of space lost on our computers due to lack of organization or optimization of resources. By evolving in the cloud, you occupy a small but better organized space that makes all its capabilities available to you. Your IT infrastructure is more efficient and you avoid multiplying the number of IT workstations. Everything is in the same place. 
  • An economy: No need for heavy investments to boost or renovate your IT equipment. Simply deploy new virtual machines and install the applications that are essential to your business. 
  • Security: your data center is compartmentalized. This reduces the risk of a virus spreading to other systems when opening an email or installing a new application. 
  • Flexibility: You can finally use applications designed for Windows or Mac without having several computers. It is also easier to collaborate with partners who do not use the same operating system as you. 
  • Test new applications without any problems: On the same machine and with application virtualization, you have the ability to test applications without impacting the operation of others. 

Free or Paid Virtualization Software?

It is up to you to estimate the need of your company! If you are installing virtual machines on a single computer, you may not have a particular interest in investing in virtualization software.

There are free, high-performance cloud computing software available. Oracle VM Virtual Box (formerly Virtual Box) is a free software that you can install very easily. Also try Virtual PC or VMware player.

Some virtualization software solutions also offer a free trial period that encourages you to test the different features and assess whether the investment is worthwhile for you. Then choose VMware Workstation or Parallels Desktop.

List of virtualization software:

  • Windows Virtual PC        
  • VMLite        
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac    
  • Neo ceBox®    
  • KVM/QEMU    
  • Proxmox

List of hypervisors :

  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft Virtual Desktop
  • Citrix XenServer
  • Virtual Box (Open Source)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V (integrated with Windows Server)
  • VMware Workstation & VMware Fusion
  • KVM (Linux)
  • Parallels Desktop

Simplify your IT infrastructure in minutes by choosing powerful and easy-to-install virtualization software. Your server will be more dynamic and your space will be optimized!

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