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Easily build many formats Documentation from a single source with HelpNDoc, a powerful and full-featured help authoring tool used to create help, manuals, documentations, websites and ebooks: HelpNDoc can generate HTML and Chm support files, PDF and Word user manuals, ePub and Kindle e-books, as well as cross-platform Qt Help files and documentation pages in the iPhone et Android.

The accessible interface of HelpNDoc allows:

  • To import existing documents or enter the content of the publication in the powerful, built-in text editor similar to Microsoft Word;
  • To quickly manage the publication’s hierarchy via drag-and-drop in the table of contents editor;
  • To centralize the management of multimedia elements (images, videos, documents...), reusable throughout the project from the library;
  • To analyze the whole documentation to highlight potential problems of spelling, broken links, unused elements...
  • To create and customize the templates used to build the documentation. HelpNDoc can produce an unlimited number of versions of the same documentation with conditional content, and a fully customizable skin;
  • And much more...

With the click of a button, HelpNDoc will automatically generate the whole documentation in the following formats:

  • CHM – Standard integrated help file for Microsoft Windows;
  • HTML – Full responsive web Site (compatible from smartphones to large screens) with a search engine and optimization for search engines included;
  • Word – Full document in Microsoft Word standard format for editing;
  • PDF – Full document in Adobe Acrobat format for printing or archiving;
  • EPub and Kindle – eBooks compatible with all electronic readers available on the market, including the Amazon Kindle, Kobo eReaders...;
  • QT Help – QT integrated multi-platform help file.

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Strengths of HelpNDoc

  • Generates more than 7 different documentation formats
  • Full customization of the generated content
  • Easy to use

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