Business Process Management (BPM) Software

BPM software is an operations management tool that allows companies to model business processes electronically. It is a key tool that allows companies to improve the operational and functional efficiency of their business. Every company uses BPM software differently, it depends on their organisation structure, their current situation, and their objectives.

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Business Process Management (BPM)
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Our selection of 11 business process management (bpm) software

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Streamline and optimize your business processes with powerful BPM software. Automate workflows, monitor performance, and improve efficiency.

With our BPM software, you can easily design and implement custom workflows, track progress in real-time, and gain insights to make data-driven decisions. Increase productivity, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Read our analysis about Iterop by Dassault Systèmes Benefits of Iterop by Dassault Systèmes

Your workflow deployed in 5 days

Simple UX: zero training for end users

Ultra-adaptable solution with a low-code approach

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Streamline your business processes with intuitive BPM software that simplifies complex workflows and increases productivity.

With advanced features like drag-and-drop diagramming, real-time collaboration, and seamless integrations, this BPM software is the perfect tool for businesses looking to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

Read our analysis about Lucidchart Benefits of Lucidchart

Flexibility & Usability: Full suite or selected modules

Responsive and efficient technical and commercial customer service.

Intuitive interface for quick operation.

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Streamline your business processes with powerful BPM software. Automate workflows, track progress and achieve better results.

BIC Process Design provides a user-friendly interface for designing, modelling and analysing business processes. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows for easy creation of workflows, while its reporting and analytics features provide valuable insights into process efficiency.

Read our analysis about BIC Process Design Benefits of BIC Process Design

Modern and intuitive design, easy to use

A publishing portal for all users

In the public or private cloud

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Streamline business processes with powerful BPM software. Automate workflows, increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Intrexx's BPM software allows businesses to easily design, implement and monitor workflows. Its intuitive drag and drop interface, extensive library of pre-built modules and seamless integration with existing systems make it a powerful tool for optimising processes.

Read our analysis about Intrexx Benefits of Intrexx

Available on-premise and in the cloud

Intrexx solves even highly complex application demands

Flexiblity regarding system architecture (DB, OS, Cloud)

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Streamline workflows with advanced automation tools. Simplify complex processes and reduce costs with our BPM software.

Universal Automation Center provides a comprehensive solution for managing business processes. Its advanced automation tools enable users to streamline workflows and simplify complex processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. With its intuitive interface, it's easy to create and manage workflows, automate tasks, and monitor progress in real-time.

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Streamline your business processes with powerful BPM software. Automate tasks, improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Our BPM software offers a range of features to help businesses achieve operational excellence. With advanced automation capabilities, you can reduce manual effort and errors, while improving efficiency and productivity. Our platform is versatile and can be customized to meet your unique needs, allowing you to streamline workflows and achieve better results.

Read our analysis about BIC Platform Benefits of BIC Platform

Intuitive, latest technology, user-friendly

Modular, web-based, on-premises or cloud

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Streamline your business processes with powerful BPM software. Automate workflows, track progress, and improve efficiency.

With intuitive drag-and-drop design, easily create custom workflows tailored to your business needs. Monitor real-time analytics to identify bottlenecks and optimize processes. Collaborate with teams and integrate with existing systems for seamless operations.

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Streamline your business processes with powerful BPM software. Automate workflows, manage tasks and track progress all in one place.

With this software, you can create custom workflows, set up alerts and notifications, and collaborate with your team in real-time. Gain insights into your processes and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

Read our analysis about Bizagi
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Streamline your business processes with powerful BPM software. Automate workflows, track KPIs, and improve efficiency.

With BPM software, you can visualise your entire business process from end-to-end, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to improve operations. The software's powerful automation capabilities free up time for more strategic tasks, while real-time KPI tracking helps you stay on top of performance.

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Automate, streamline, and optimize your business processes with this BPM software.

With this software, you can easily design and manage workflows, track progress, and improve efficiency with real-time analytics. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it a versatile tool for businesses of any size.

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Streamline your business processes with this BPM software. Automate workflows, monitor performance and identify bottlenecks.

With this software, you can easily create custom workflows, assign tasks to team members and track progress in real time. Its intuitive dashboard provides insights into process performance, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and optimise your operations.

Read our analysis about Adonis
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Business Process Management (BPM) software: purchase guide

What is BPM software?


BPM stands for Business Process Management. BPM software is used to analyse and improve the fluidity of the business processes implemented by a company with the aim of improving its performance indicators.

How does BPM software work? 

Business Process Management consists of automating tasks that represent little added value and that can be subject to human error.

A business process is a series of actions that employees must perform in order to achieve their goals. Each process can be broken down differently and this can be difficult to improve.

However, BPM software gives access to a fast and intuitive IT modeling of all these processes. In concrete terms, BPM places all processes at the center of the organisation and creates a map of the organisation to detect anomalies. It also provides opportunities on how you can improve your business processes. 

Business Process Management ensures that all of the processes that are implemented meet customer needs as accurately as possible. It analyses and constantly adapts processes and workflows according to the requirements.  

This helps your business become more efficient compared to your competitors. And, by detailing each step of your processes, it makes sure that all employees are working as a team.

What are the main features of BPM software?

Before choosing a Business Process Management software, you need to define your company's needs as accurately as possible. BPM software list of features include:

  • Mapping processes

This provides a detailed description of the steps and business rules that defines a business process. Mapping processes list all of the actors and their roles. And, this will allow you to replicate the model with the different workflows of each process.

  • Integration

Integration is a core function that can be used by all types of organisations. A good BPM will need to be able to interface with all information systems to execute processes. (such as sending notifications automatically to customers when an order is taken or triggering an event following the validation of a form). The BPM can be compatible with an ERP, HR management CRM software. This ability to integrate with other applications will allow you to boost productivity.

What are the benefits of using BPM software?

Advantages of using BPM software

Mapping out business processes with this type of management software will reduce human errors and optimize tasks with high added value. The main benefits of using BPM software are:

  • You will save lots of time:

All of the elements are in the same place and can be consulted in a few seconds. The BPM approach is used to model the life cycle of processes by simply dragging and dropping objects: steps, events, conditions, logical links.

These tools make the visualisation of the company's value chain clear. Once the processes are created, the applications execute them. This software is therefore directly linked to the company's information system. 

  • Better traceability of changes to business process documents:

With BPM software, you will be able to store and manage documents more efficiently.

  • A very quick return on investment:

With business process management, objectives are quickly met, customer relationships are improved, and there is more productivity and rapidly visible growth. 

  • Immediate identification of malfunctions as well as better risk management. 

Business Process Management software provides a whole series of controls to inform designers of possible process failures: unintended cases, data errors, etc. This process monitoring enables the company to position itself in a continuous improvement process from which customers and internal departments benefit daily.

Not to mention :

Moreover, there is a greater team involvement thanks to a clear process approach. A simpler exchange during collaborative work or to communicate more easily with partners.


It is important to ensure that your employees are well supported in the management of change.
Open source bpm software may not always offer the features that you may need to manage your entire business process.

Business Process Management (BPM) softwares: Q&A

BPM software helps companies streamline their processes by automating tasks and workflows. It allows for process modelling, monitoring, and optimisation to improve efficiency and productivity.

Look for software that offers process modelling and analysis, automation, task management, workflow management, and reporting. It should also have integrations with other software and be customizable to fit your company's needs.

BPM software can improve efficiency, reduce errors, increase productivity, and provide valuable insights into your company's processes. It can also help with compliance and regulatory requirements.

The best options depend on your company's specific needs, but popular software options include IBM BPM, Appian, and Pega. These software options offer robust features and integrations, as well as customizable solutions.

Some free options include Bonitasoft, Camunda, and ProcessMaker. While they may not offer all the features of paid software, they can still provide value for small businesses or those on a tight budget.