Everwin GX: Customizable ERP for all businesses

Everwin GX is a SaaS business management ERP. This "rental" mode allows you to access your ERP from anywhere and anytime thanks to the Internet for a monthly rate per month and per user.

ERP Everwin GX is hosted in France

Everwin has decided to offer the best in terms of data security and confidentiality to its customers. Indeed, the ERP as well as the data of the clients are hosted on IBM servers in France. Data centers provide maximum protection against data loss and intrusion. Everwin also offers user support and full solution maintenance. Finally, an account manager will help you to evolve Everwin GX according to the evolution of your company.

Everwin key figures

Everwin has no less than 3,000 customers and 80,000 users. The company has existed for 20 years. Through its partnership with IBM, Everwin is one of the first ERP vendors to offer a fully online solution with good performance.

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Everwin GX demo and screenshots

Témoignages Everwin GX : logiciel de gestion d'affaires et de projets accueil.png bureau_affaires2.PNG vues_synthese.png

Everwin GX customers

Everwin GX Client Everwin GX Client Everwin GX Client Everwin GX Client Everwin GX Client Everwin GX Client

Everwin GX pricing and features

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Billing & Invoicing
Custom Invoices
Purchase Order
Quote to Invoice conversion
Recurrent Billing
Subscription Management
Customer Support
Case Management
Customer Interface
Tickets Allocation
Document management
Electronic Signature
People Management
Attendance follow-up
Employee Savings Scheme
Leave Management
Overtime Management
Staff Management
Contract Management
Inventory Management
Purchasing Follow-up
Supplier Orders Management
Project management
Project planning
Project report
Resource allocation
Resource management Human Resources management
Task planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Sales Force Automation
Calls Management Displays contacts details and history when he calls
Quote Proposal Avoidance
Goods Flow History
Goods inwards / outwards Input and output
Inventory Valuation


Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge base (tutorials, demos)
On-site Training
Online Training (Webinar)

Data hosted in the following countries: France