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From prospecting to loyalty

Sellsy allows you to optimally track your prospecting and your entire crm customer lifecycle. 

Thanks to the pipeline display, opportunity management is feasible at different stages of your CRM sales cycle. You can easily identify the maturity of sales opportunities and save time for sellers. 

In customer data files, you can find all the information you have collected about current and potential customers.  These can be consulted at any time (and on the move) by your sales reps.

Easily segment your data to create targeted sales marketing campaigns and customer loyalty.

This CRM solution provides you with a customer support form that will help you stay in touch with clients, improve customer interaction, and customer retention. You can keep an eye on their requests with tickets and assign their requests to the competent employee. Each customer file keeps a history of all exchanges.

Our CRM tools will allow you to effectively monitor your activity on premise and take corrective action if necessary.

Sellsy CRM in brief: 

By adopting Sellsy software, here's what you can do to improve your relationship with customers: 

Benefits of CRM software:

  • Process business operations and opportunities efficiently with the pipeline view

  • Track and mark your contacts to see their maturity

  • Automate your email marketing

  • Create activity reports for your sales team

  • Centralize all customer information in the customer registry

  • Store all your files in high security

Customer centric support: 

  • Manage all your customer requests regardless of the channel they come from

  • Quickly assign requests to the appropriate department

  • Find the history of your exchanges directly on the customer's file

  • Work collaboratively with other departments through information sharing and task allocation via the agenda

  • Keep track of customers’ requests, monitor their progess, and keep your customers informed

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