Oncrawl: in summary

OnCrawl is a technical SEO cloud platform dedicated to SEO audits to make better decision. The solution enables to crawl large sites with millions of pages and supports more than 1000 customers across 66 countries in improving their organic traffic, rankings and online revenues by opening Google's black box. 

Driven by a strong technological spirit, OnCrawl provides SEO professionals with easy access to strategic data through dashboards and reports that support the entire search engine optimization process.

OnCrawl SEO Crawler

OnCrawl crawls through all the pages of your site to find the content and code and allows you to:

  • Analyse a website like Google

Follow how Google sees your website on desktop and mobile, find out which ranking factors to optimise and make sure that all your JavaScript elements are correctly rendered by search engines.

  • Direct search engine spiders to your strategic pages

Improve your content, HTML quality, performance and architecture so that your most profitable and strategic pages are explored, indexed and ranked by search engines.

  • Increase your conversions and revenues with reliable data

Rely on the right information and data to control your technical SEO and optimize revenue-generating pages.

OnCrawl Log Analyser

OnCrawl log analyser allows you to understand the behavior of search engines that crawl your site and:

  • Monitor crawl activity in real time

Discover how bots browse your website on a daily basis and find out if important pages are taken into account. 

  • Track bots and user visits

Control search engine and user visits to strategic groups of pages and monitor how your crawl budget is spent.

  • Improve the health and technical performance of your website

Make sure your priority pages are taken into account by Google and understand why a page generates SEO traffic. Detect in real time any obstacles to the indexing or ranking of your pages.

OnCrawl Data³

OnCrawl offers the ability to combine your crawl data with third-party data for even more complete analysis. OnCrawl offers a set of connectors integrated into the application to compare your crawl data with backlinks, analytics or ranking data. The solution also allows you to ingest CSV files to add custom data from your CRM, monitoring solution, or any other source.

  • Understanding the impact of SEO

Easily understand the impact of your SEO policy on the performance of your site. With analytics metrics from multiple sources, such as logs or analytics solutions, you have the keys to increase your site's ROI.

  • Track your positioning

Keep an eye on the keywords you position yourself on in the search results and the influence of the crawl budget and on-page SEO on your positions.

  • Analyse SEO traffic

Confirm the conclusions of a crawl-based audit by combining with real traffic data from solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet or Adobe Analytics.

  • Control your backlinks

Analyze the impact of your backlinks profile established by Majestic on pages, groups of pages and on your entire site in order to use these backlinks to sculpt your SEO performance.

Best SEO tool in 2019

For the past three years, OnCrawl has been voted Best SEO Software Suite at the European Search Awards and has also won the 2019 Best Search Software Tool award at the US Search Awards and MENA Search Awards.

Its benefits

Unlimited data connector: GSC, GA, Majestic,...

Unlimited segmentation for full site visibility

Massive URL analysis for perfect scalability


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Oncrawl: its rates and features

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