ADP (Payroll): in summary

ADP's payroll software is a cloud-based solution designed to automate payroll processes for businesses of all sizes. It caters to organisations seeking an efficient and accurate payroll management system. 

ADP stands out from other payroll software providers due to its comprehensive tax compliance capabilities, ensuring accurate calculations and timely filings. Additionally, its employee self-service portal empowers employees with access to pay stubs and personal information updates, enhancing transparency and reducing administrative burden. The software's integration with time and attendance systems further streamlines payroll by automating data import. 

With ADP, businesses can experience streamlined payroll processing, robust tax compliance, employee self-service features, and seamless integration, making it an excellent choice for organisations seeking a reliable and user-friendly payroll solution.

Its benefits

Efficient and accurate payroll processing

Robust tax compliance and reporting

Employee self-service portal for enhanced transparency

Its disadvantages

Steep learning curve for new users

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Appvizer's opinion

With ADP, businesses can confidently tackle complex tax compliance requirements, thanks to its robust reporting and comprehensive tax calculations. 

The employee self-service portal is a standout feature, fostering transparency and empowering employees to access their pay stubs and update personal information effortlessly. 

We acknowledge the software's ability to integrate with time and attendance systems, streamlining data import and further simplifying payroll management. 

While there may be a learning curve for new users, once familiarised, ADP proves to be a very reliable solution. 

We recommend ADP for businesses seeking a comprehensive, user-friendly payroll software that ensures accuracy, compliance, and empowers employees with self-service capabilities.

ADP (Payroll): its rates

ADP payroll offers different plans to best fit your needs, offering a suite of features to streamline payroll and HR management. All prices are on demand. 

  • Essential: Streamline payroll and HR with all-in-one suite. Payroll & Tax, Enhanced HR Tools, Intelligent Self-service, Voice of the Employee, New Hire Onboarding, Digital Record Keeping included.
  • Enhanced: Includes everything in Essential, with added benefits administration. Payroll & Tax, Enhanced HR Tools, Intelligent Self-service, Voice of the Employee, New Hire Onboarding, Digital Record Keeping included.
  • Premium: Includes everything in Enhanced, plus Workforce Management for automated time tracking. Payroll & Tax, Enhanced HR Tools, Intelligent Self-service, Voice of the Employee, New Hire Onboarding, Digital Record Keeping, Workforce Management included.

Add-Ons: Talent Acquisition/Recruitment, Performance Management, Compensation Management, HR Assist available as add-ons.

On demand

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ADP (Payroll): the complete test

With its comprehensive suite of features and user-friendly interface, ADP simplifies and automates payroll management, saving valuable time and minimising errors. We will share three key features that make this solution standout from other businesses. 

Streamlined Payroll Processing

ADP's payroll software excels in its ability to streamline payroll processing. From calculating employee wages, deductions, and taxes to generating accurate paychecks, it handles the complexity effortlessly. With its intuitive interface, users can easily navigate through the payroll system, ensuring efficient and error-free processing. ADP eliminates the hassle of manual calculations and paperwork, providing a seamless experience for businesses of all sizes.

Robust Tax Compliance and Reporting

One of ADP's greatest strengths lies in its robust tax compliance capabilities. The software stays up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations, ensuring accurate tax calculations and timely filings. It automates the process of deducting and paying federal, state, and local taxes, alleviating the burden of compliance for businesses. Additionally, ADP generates comprehensive reports on payroll costs, tax liabilities, and labour distribution, providing valuable insights for financial and strategic planning.

Employee Self-Service Portal

ADP's employee self-service portal is a valuable feature that promotes transparency and empowers employees. Through the portal, employees can access their pay stubs, review tax forms, and update personal information, reducing the need for HR intervention. This self-service functionality enhances efficiency and employee satisfaction. By allowing employees to take control of their payroll-related tasks, ADP's self-service portal streamlines communication and fosters a sense of ownership.

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