White paper backgroundHow To Build A Strong ERP Project
White paper
How To Build A Strong ERP Project
What are the steps to follow for a successful ERP project? Appvizer guides you step-by-step through this important process!
Software background5 of the best leave management software
5 of the best leave management software
Explore and compare the best leave management software and find the right one for your company to manage leaves and facilitate absence requests.
Tip backgroundThe importance of customer visits: Tools & tips
The importance of customer visits: Tools & tips
Want customer loyalty? Don't miss out on customer visits, the important and beneficial tool you need to keep lasting relationship with your customer. Tips will guide you from the what, how, preps and finally to deals guaranteed.

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11 days ago
Which is the best CRM for me?
Too much CRM software on the market? Are you are wondering which CRM software is the best for you? Discover our comparison to find the future ally of your business development.
Tip backgroundInternational SaaS Strategy- Do's and Don'ts
14 days ago
International SaaS Strategy- Do's and Don'ts
Deciding to move your SaaS startup can be a hard and demanding task. Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Take some time out of your day and find out the answers to these questions and steps your SaaS startup has to take to move towards a successful and profit producing global expansion.


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The digitalization of the workplace allows professionals to gain a competitive edge and enjoy a more comfortable daily work environment through the use of specialized software. The software market is vast and finding the solution that fits your needs can be a real challenge. This observation has prompted the creation of Appvizer in 2015.

Appvizer: the B2B software comparison tool

Its comprehensive catalog has quickly enabled Appvizer to become one of the major software comparison tools. Today, it features more than 500 software categories and 10,000+ references among which a majority of SaaS solutions.

Evolving into a media and going global

To make their daily work more efficient and solve their business problems, Appvizer decided to provide professionals with more than 2,000 relevant tips, guides and software recommendations in 6 languages. Just like 1.3 million professionals, you can choose to receive the latest news in your inbox by subscribing to Work Smarter by Appvizer.

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