Aurum: in summary

Aurum is a customizable modular software for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of catalog items such as jewelery and watchmaking.
Very complete, it allows the global management of your activity from the production process (with metals and stones management) to the final customer:
- production and manufacture of items
- in store sales / wholesales and agents network management
- invoicing and custom accounting (possibility to follow several books of account)
- administration and monitoring of stocks in one or more locations
- detailed product sheets (full description + image)
- automatic generation of digital catalogs for sales support in retail stores, account executives and e-commerce platforms.
The solution can be completed by label printing systems and warranty certificates, recommended hardware and associated consumables.

Its benefits

Custom accounting

Multiple points of sales and e-commerce management

Wholesale and production management

Aurum - Search items by carat
Aurum - Search items by carat
Aurum - Search items by carat
Aurum - Customer invoice
Aurum - Item information sheet
Aurum - Stock management system

Aurum: its rates and features

/month /user

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