ERP Open-Prod: in summary

What is Open-Prod ?

Open-Prod ERP is a flexible production management software (CAPM) for industrial companies. It can be parameterized and upgraded, and adapts to the management processes of each SME / SMI thanks to an intelligent data management. It has been designed and created to facilitate user navigation.

? More than 180 modules, among 16 functionalities to meet the needs and evolutions of the industrial sector.

A complete ERP CAM system

Integration of technical data (ranges and bills of material)

? From the modeling of your products to the coordination of your resources, through the management of your industrial bills of material (BOM) and the organization of your operating ranges, master the integration of your products.

Planning of your production (CAPM)

? From the Net Requirement Calculation (NRC) to the Master Production Plan (MPS), through multi-level planning, Open-Prod offers tools to make your production reliable and controlled.

Purchasing and material supply

? Open-Prod integrates an SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) tool, which allows you to optimise your purchases, monitor your price changes and control your expenses.

Logistics management

? Real-time updating of receipts and deliveries based on planned purchases and sales. The application for mobile terminals allows you to carry out logistics actions simply and quickly.

Commercial management for the control of sales processes

? Open-Prod integrates a CRM module allowing to create and follow sales opportunities. The process is customizable and configurable (workflow) in order to adapt to your management.

Stock management and traceability of materials and products

? Open-Prod allows you to manage your stocks. It calculates a coverage and a projection of stock which evolves dynamically according to the purchases, the sales, the productions envisaged... of the whole of your consumptions and your entries in stocks.

And even more...

All business management in one tool

Its flexibility and adaptability allow implementation in many sectors of the manufacturing industry :

  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Plastics
  • Metallurgy
  • Textile
  • Packaging
  • Leather goods

Its benefits

100% industrial solution

Ergonomic design for a quick grip

Modular and scalable


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ERP Open-Prod: its rates

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