Pandora FMS: The all-in-one monitoring solution.

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Pandora FMS is the most flexible and complete monitoring software on the market, enabling you to monitor all your devices from networks, servers, UX, IoT, applications, business processes, virtual environments, etc.

With more than 300 plugins available in your library you will be able to control and manage any application and technology, from SAP, Oracle, Lotus, Citrix, Jboss, VMware, AWS, SQL Server, Redhat, Websphere etc.

Pandora FMS agents, as all its technology, are developed in-house. With them, you will be able to acquire the information directly from the source, through native calls to the operating system.

With Pandora FMS , you will be able to evaluate the level of compliance of any system, as well as being always informed of any type of incident. Pandora FMS has a free Community version, Open Source, and another Enterprise version focused on companies with over 100 devices. It is a monitoring software with cutting-edge features and its price is about seven times lower than the rest of the tools in its field.

Its license is unlimited, and it has the Pandora FMS Enterprise version, as well as unlimited technical support for one year, with access to its helpdesk platform. There is also unlimited access to the library of Enterprise plugins and to the e-learning platform that will allow you to learn how to manage the program quickly and at your own pace. In addition, there is also access to all product updates, patches and upgrades. The license is unique, so you don't have to purchase different sublicenses, which always complicate and increase the price of the product

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Strengths of Pandora FMS

  • Wide variety of plugins.
  • High scalability.
  • Hybrid environment monitoring.
  • Certifications: GDPR, ISO 27001

Pandora FMS demo and screenshots

Pandora FMS incorporates LogStash + ElasticSearch to store the logs information, which implies a substantial improvement of the performance The software agents are running in the systems from where they collect information. With the IPAM extension we will be able to manage the IP of our networks, to discover the hosts of a subnet and to detect their changes of availability or name of host. Pandora FMS uses two alternative and complementary systems to analyze the network in real time: Pandora NTA and Netflow Full control of all types of network devices regardless of model or size. The tactical view of the Meta Console consists of: -Table with an overview of agent and module states -Table with the latest events -Table with the last activity in Pandora FMS instances

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